Financial economics vs. real economy

Financial economics vs. real economy

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By Juan José Millás

The first operation that the economic terrorist carries out on his victim is that of the conventional terrorist, that of the shot in the neck.

If we have understood it correctly, and it was not easy because we are a bit stupid, the financial economy is to the real economy what the feudal lord to the servant, what the master to the slave, what the metropolis to the colony, what the Manchester capitalist to the overexploited worker. Financial economics is the class enemy of the real economy, with which you play like a western pig with the body of a child in an Asian brothel. That son-of-a-bitch pig can, for example, make your wheat production appreciate or depreciate two years before you sow it. In effect, he can buy from you, and without you knowing about the operation, a non-existent harvest and sell it to a third party who will sell it to a fourth and this to a fifth and can get, according to his interests, that throughout that delusional process the price of that chimerical wheat skyrockets or sinks without you earning more if it goes up, although you'll go to hell if it goes down. If it goes too low, it may not be worthwhile to sow it, but you will have been in debt without eating or drinking it for the rest of your life, you may go to jail or hang for it, it depends on the geographical area in which you have fallen, although there is no none safe. That's what financial economics is about.

We are talking, to exemplify, of an individual's harvest, but what the son of a bitch pig buys is usually a whole country and at the price of laughter, a country with all its citizens inside, let's say with real people who get up actually at six in the morning and actually goes to bed at twelve at night. A country that from the perspective of the financial terrorist is nothing more than a board of games gathered in which a set of Clicks of Famóbil moves from one side to another as the tiles move through the game of the Goose.

The first operation carried out by the financial terrorist on his victim is that of the conventional terrorist, the one with the shot in the neck. That is, it deprives it of the character of a person, it reifies it. Once it has become a thing, it matters little if you have children or parents, if you have woken up with a few tenths of a fever, if you are in a divorce process or if you have not slept because you are preparing for an oppositions. None of that counts for the financial economy or for the economic terrorist who has just placed his finger on the map, on a country, this, it does not matter, and says "I buy" or says "I sell" with the impunity with which the who plays Monopoly buys or sells fake real estate.

When the financial terrorist buys or sells, he makes the genuine work of thousands or millions of people unreal who, before going to the chopping block, have left their children, consumer products as well, their children, in a state nursery, where they still exist. of that army of bastards protected by the governments of half the world, but certainly overprotected by that thing that we have been calling Europe or the European Union or, in simpler terms, Germany, whose coffers are being diverted today, now, at the very moment in the one you read these lines, billions of euros that were in ours.

And they deviate not in a rational or just or legitimate movement, they deviate in a speculative movement encouraged by Merkel with the complicity of all the governments of the so-called euro zone. You and I, with our tenths of fever, with our children without daycare or work, with our sick father and without aid for dependency, with our moral sufferings or our sentimental joys, you and I have already been objectified by Draghi, by Lagarde, for Merkel, we no longer possess the human qualities that make us worthy of the empathy of our fellow human beings. We are already mere merchandise that can be expelled from the nursing home, the hospital, the public school, we have become something despicable, like that poor guy that the terrorist par excellence is about to shoot in the neck in the name of God or of the country.

You and I are being planted on the underside of the train a daily bomb called a risk premium, for example, or seven-year interest, in the name of financial economics. We are going to a daily blowout, a daily massacre and there are material perpetrators of this placement and intellectual perpetrators of those terrorist actions who go unpunished, among other things because the terrorists stand in the elections and even win them and because there are important media groups behind them that they give legitimacy to the speculative movements of which we are victims.

The financial economy, if we understand it, means that the one who bought you that non-existent crop was a bastard with the papers in order. Did you have the freedom not to sell it to him? No way. I would have bought it from your neighbor or your neighbor's neighbor. The main activity of the financial economy consists of altering the price of things, a prohibited crime when it occurs on a small scale, but encouraged by the authorities when its magnitudes go off the charts.

Here they are altering the price of our lives every day without anyone remedying it, indeed, sending law enforcement against those who try to do so. And God lives that the forces of order are fully employed in the protection of that son of a bitch who sold you, through an authorized scam, a financial product, that is, an unreal object in which you invested at the same time. better the real savings of your whole life. The very pig protected by the laws of the State that are already the laws of the financial economy sold him smoke, since they are at his service.

In the real economy, for a lettuce to be born, it must be planted and cared for and given the necessary time to develop. Then you have to collect it, of course, and pack it and distribute it and invoice it for 30, 60 or 90 days. An enormous amount of time and energy to obtain a few cents, which you will divide with the State, through taxes, to pay for common services that are now reducing us because the financial economy has stumbled and we have to get it out of the pothole. The financial economy is not satisfied with the surplus value of classical capitalism, it also needs our blood and it is in it, that is why it plays with our public health and with our teaching and with our justice in the way that a sick terrorist, worth the redundancy, plays by sticking the barrel of his gun up the ass of his kidnapped.

They've been sticking that cannon up our ass for four years now. And with the complicity of our own.


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