New world and national dictatorship

New world and national dictatorship

By Enrique Dusell

The new anti-democratic dictatorship, in the name of "freedom of the press" and democracy itself, is organized thanks to the monopoly of the media. It is the globalized, world mediocracy.

World domination, the new imperialism has an unsuspected physiognomy that we are discovering in its exercise. It is established in the national State, but is linked to an international network based on informal institutions (meetings or forums such as those in Davos, the Bloomeberg group ?, etc.). It is an elite of the great millionaires or capitalist owners, especially in the financial sphere, but also in the large industrial and commercial transnationals. These globally linked national elites, whose large banks are tax havens to evade the payment of taxes to the states that, however, protect it with their armies and lend the population as labor and absorb the indebtedness assuming them at the expense of the State (and that are paid with taxes from citizens), they have two essential instruments for exercising their economic power as holders of capital.

On the one hand, this elite of globalized world capital uses the bureaucracies of the central states (such as the United States, Europe, Japan and others) and peripheral states as instruments or mediations of its power. The economic exercises its hegemony over corrupt political power, which is sold to the interests of this globalized capital. The State, as we have indicated, lends the population as labor to the transnationals, pays the debts and allows them to extract their considerable profits that, as we said, frequently leave the territory of the home States originating from these millionaires and are protected in the safer places (to avoid paying taxes). The foul play in their favor is then done by the political bureaucracy of the state governments.

But, how to achieve that submissive obedience of the corrupt bureaucracies of the central and peripheral states? They no longer resort to the occupation armies as in the colonies, nor to military coups d'état, but to a subtle and well-extended new procedure that penetrates the structure of representative democracy (both in the center and in the periphery, whose effect we have seen in Honduras, Paraguay and Mexico). The Supreme Court of Justice of the United States (in 2010) has given the possibility of an unlimited contribution of private capital in political campaigns to elect representatives in an apparently democratic only representative regime.

But the new antidemocratic dictatorship, in the name of "freedom of the press" and democracy itself, is organized because those elites of capital, whose one percent comes to have 40 percent of the wealth of the nations in which that capital manages , thanks to the monopoly of the media: television, radio, newspapers, cinema, electronic media, private universities of excellence, and so on. These elites can buy any media that reaches a large percentage of listeners, readers or viewers, and that is orchestrated by journalists, intellectuals or artists in the pay of capital (Noam Chomsky's "new mandarins"). With this army of "thought tanks" these media create an overwhelming screen of messages that produces, almost infallibly, a public opinion in their favor. In other words, "in favor" of the interests of these extremely rich minorities, interests that are against the possibility of a human life for citizens, especially the poorest. Capitalism, which began to use propaganda to defeat other competing capitals and impose its products, learned a whole technique from using this propaganda to produce an inevitable response in the recipient of its programmed messages. This enormous experience of propaganda in the merchandise market was now applied to political propaganda in the candidate market to produce representatives.

But, in addition to brutalizing the masses hypnotized by mediocracy, it leads them to the greatest destitution of their dignity through the drug business (which ends up in their big banks by laundering the money of the mafias and is extremely beneficial for the capital, so Felipe Calderón's strategy cannot but fail), which destroys the people, creates generalized violence, and in a way eliminates surplus labor, structurally unemployed.

To make matters worse, for the arms business, it creates wars and organizes hostilities that produce disastrous effects, hundreds of thousands of deaths, not only in wars between states, but also due to daily street crime (with the motto of the sacred "freedom "to carry arms).

The new dictatorship of the capital elites is organized in the four levels shown in the graph.

The only way to cut the Gordian knot is through the awakening of the masses as an actor people of history, that can elect representatives (articulated to participatory democracy), that through the regulation of the media destroys the power of these (mediocracy) by means of laws that really democratize said media in fair and plural proportions, creating a television, a radio, a press, a cinema, support for free and public universities, in service of the great impoverished majorities (and still alienated by self-serving propaganda).

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