The age of adaptation

The age of adaptation

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Short documentary produced according to the philosophy of "open source", that is, free distribution. He tries to present an urgent message that can lead us away from our current development model in time, which is based on the illusion of infinite growth at all costs, and questions the sacred paradigm of Gross Domestic Product, that kind of mantra that everyone recites. politicians and economists, with profound questions such as: more growth of what, and for what? It also highlights the new rhetorics that have emerged to turn the planetary drama of climate change into a business, based on new "green" and supposedly ecological technologies, such as "clean coal" and carbon offset systems, whose The claims are to resolve the climate imbalance through the same known market mechanisms, but without modifying our consumption habits at all.

The subtitles in Spanish were produced by the Andean Region Transition Network (Patagonia, Argentina).

Video: Age of Adaptation Chapter 1 part 1 of 2 (July 2022).


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