Stripping of rights

Stripping of rights

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Dispossession of Rights. Testimonies of the fight against mining in southern Ecuador.
A verification mission on the effects of mining against Food Sovereignty and the criminalization of social protest worked in cantons close to the Ecuadorian city of Cuenca. The Canadian company Iamgold, which obtained the concession for the exploration and exploitation of gold deposits in the Kimsacocha páramo, appears as the main threat to water sources in the third largest Ecuadorian metropolis. Although it is not the only one.
The working group was made up of members of the organization FIAN Ecuador, the coordinator of the Continental Human Rights Platform, Pablo De la Vega, and journalists from Radio Mundo Real.
This video reflects part of the testimonies collected during the Mission.

Video: How Attacks on Abortion Rights Have Strengthened the Pro-Choice Movement. Opinions. NowThis (June 2022).