What are you having for dinner tonight?

What are you having for dinner tonight?

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By Diana Cordero

The answer of more than a billion people may be "nothing." They have decided that they can do without a good part of humanity and I don't know if we can avoid it, but at least it should be tried.

Today's menu

Black mood? No, enter fully into personal and collective responsibility because the number of hungry and hungry is growing at every step.

If we manage to ask that question, absurd, naive or pretentious, the official figures tell us that the answer of more than a billion people may be "nothing".

If we listen to this and follow our lives as if nothing happened, the obvious becomes evident: we are participants in the genocide.

Faced with news such as that one sixth of the world's population is hungry, there are no justifications, excuses, explanations or possible rhetoric: most people consent and admit to continuing to "ignore", to remain an accomplice.

Much of what is not said

We can choose whether or not we believe the reasons given. That food prices go up due to droughts? Because of the reduction of the sowing areas? What climbed unemployment and are there more poor?

Come on, the cause is one, with multiple aspects that complicate it, but it is one: this is capitalism. Capitalism equals over a thousand starving people.

Hard capitalism, savage neoliberalism, the system that dominates globally and generates all inequality and injustice in the distribution of wealth, backed by a culture of selfishness that is radicalized on a daily basis through the ideological apparatuses of the state.

It is difficult to separate from the images that do not appear accompanying the news. Or they appear and have been normalized. The images of a girl, a boy, a woman, a man who are hungry. This huge, immeasurable figure implies that many other people today are not guaranteed the most basic right, which is access to food. In short, the right to life.

The story lists a list of causes for the famine and does not list many others. It does not simply say that this system is sustained by the hunger and poverty of a large part of the world's inhabitants. There can only be capitalism if thousands of people don't have to eat. There are no strategic policies to advance this genocide because simply doing so does not sustain the capitalist system.

The perversion of the rise in food - a product of the unpunished action of the transnationals, the monopoly for the wealth of the earth, the gigantic large estates, the large food distribution chains and the hyper and supermarkets that commercialize basic products - is inherent to the functioning of the global capitalist system.

The hypocrisy of organizations such as the United Nations, FAO, OAS, WHO, great allies and supporters of the current state of affairs, squander fortunes in the "as if" of the meetings in which they claim to develop strategies to remedy this "terrible problem ”, that is, the famine of more than a thousand people treated like an entelechy.

What does the power propose? What do we propose?

The world's spiritual reservoir, the great Pope Benedict, declared that this is an absolutely unacceptable reality (1) and that the economic crisis should be seen as an opportunity to change it. In these days, his encyclical on economics and globalization will be published. In any case, we must be alert to the appearance of this document that gives us clues as to how the church intends to face this "scourge."

That is, what will be the radical proposal that will come from the Vatican. However, it must be different from the one carried out on the occasion of the publication of the document «Hunger in the world. A challenge for everyone: solidarity development », presented by John Paul II in 1996, from which we copy the following paragraph:

"The reflection is specifically inspired by the Gospel and the social teaching of the Church. It does not deal here with the conjunctural problem; it does not focus on statistics on the current situation or the number of people who are in danger of dying of hunger; nor in data with the percentage of undernourished or on the most threatened regions and the economic actions to be foreseen. Inspired by the pastoral mission of the Church, this document is intended to be an insistent appeal to its members and to all humanity, since the Church is "an expert in humanity", and this impels her to necessarily extend her religious mission to the various fields in which men and women carry out their activities in search of the happiness, although always relative, possible in this world "(2)

So far, 13 years after the document, the results are eloquent. So are the agreements, summits and others that international organizations have carried out in order to face this horror, discursively disguised under the term "food problem".

It makes sense, both the very rich Vatican state with deep international economic interests (3), and the FAO, which continues to maintain that hunger is a "technological problem" that must be solved with more investment in biotechnology and genetic engineering, end up allying themselves directly or indirectly to transnational corporations such as Monsanto (owner of 90% of the transgenic surface planted worldwide) or Syngenta, whose objectives are far from being the resolution of the hunger that millions of human beings suffer in the world.

The organization Via Campesina had already published in 2004, a document in which it expressed its concern and alert to the positions of FAO and its alliance with transgenic companies. (4) In these days, another work of Via Campesina - Argentina reaffirms what many of us know: “today enough food is produced to feed the entire world population. The problem is not one of food production, but of how it is produced, who produces it, how it is distributed and how it is accessed ”.

We find ourselves in one of the cruelest instances of neoliberalism. Society has been co-opted. The hegemony of the dominant ideology has penetrated very deeply into all layers of thought, until it has become a single discourse.

The unstoppable action of economic groups only generates greater inequity and increases the number of people who day by day plunge into the most desperate misery. The media accompany this evolution by covering this shameful reality with hidden headlines, regardless of what they consider to be "relevant information."

Today surely has not been the subject of those "other" billions of people, the hunger of one sixth of humanity. Nor have the capitalist media been responsible for highlighting this information. It has been quickly drowned in and out with sports scores, local news, or weekend show deals.

But those people are hungry. These people today or tomorrow will not have to eat. Many of these people will die, surely from preventable diseases, especially children from the poorest areas of the planet, where capitalism continues (and will continue) to rage.

These people, I repeat, today or tomorrow will not have to eat.

It is not enough what we who carry out counterinformation can do in the face of the impressive power of the capitalist media. The mere complaint reaches a few and does not manage to reverse this unjust and lacerating situation.

Militant actions are then imposed that not only expose hypocrisies and denounce the complicity of broad social sectors -whose mode of operation is governed by the quasi-uniform parameters of individualism and selfishness- but that generate awareness and add wills for social change.

Clear, precise and intelligent strategies and practices are needed by the sectors that are on this other side. As long as we do not find them, the number of people who do not eat every day will continue to grow, running the risk that we may even normalize this fear.

This is a call, an alert, a jolt to the conscience, to resist the attempt to hide, minimize or distract the fundamental issues.

Solidarity is not demonstrated by participating in church collections but by committing ourselves to the anti-capitalist struggle.

Behind the question: What are you going to have for dinner tonight? There must come a determined response of action and resistance against the damned power that carries out this slow, planned and constant genocide. They have decided that they can do without a good part of humanity and I don't know if we can avoid it, but at least it should be tried.

The news in the newspapers (Agencies)

Tragic record: hungry people in the world already exceed one billion

19:11 It is due to the international crisis that lowered income and increased unemployment among the poorest, as revealed by the FAO, dependent on the OAS. The figure represents one sixth of the planet's population. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) reported through a statement that more than one billion people in the world suffer from hunger every day. The figure, which is impressive, represents one sixth of the world's population.

As reported, the increase in the number is due, in part, to the international crisis that has lowered incomes and increased unemployment among the poorest. FAO estimates that this year there will be 11% more hungry.

"A dangerous mix between the global economic slowdown combined with high food prices has pushed some 100 million more people into chronic hunger and poverty," said FAO Director-General Jacques Diouf.

"This silent crisis of hunger is a serious risk to peace and security in the world," the official said. In addition, he advocated "urgently forging a broad consensus on the complete and rapid eradication of hunger in the world and taking the necessary actions."

According to the official, the ideal would be to give poor countries the tools to improve their agricultural production and productivity, because for most poor nations this sector is essential to overcome this deficit.

For his part, the president of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD), Kanayo F. Nwanze, stressed that "for most developing countries, there is no doubt that investing in small farmers is the best sustainable safety net. , particularly during a time of global economic crisis. "

FAO notes that after the progress made in the 1980s and early 1990s, hunger has risen slowly but persistently. The number of hungry people increased between 1995-97 and 2004-06 in all regions except Latin America and the Caribbean.

The report, presented in Rome, highlights that most of the hungry live in developing countries. In Asia and the Pacific there are an estimated 642 million chronically hungry people, compared to 265 million in sub-Saharan Africa; 53 million in Latin America and the Caribbean; 42 million in the Near East and North Africa and 15 million in developed countries.

Diana Lamb. Latin American. Radical feminist, anti-imperialist, human rights activist and the LGBT movement. Member of the Josefa Camejo Feminist Lesbian Collective.


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(2) (…)

(3) The Vatican: The Most Profitable Religious Enterprise in Human History.
The Vatican has numerous properties and financial instruments within Italy and abroad. Countries like England, France, the United States, Portugal, Switzerland, Colombia could be mentioned where the Vatican's capitalist interest is paying off. In Avro Manhattan's book "The Trillions of the Vatican" he notes that the Vatican has large investments with the Rothschils of England, France and the US, the Hambrosian Bank and the Credit Suisse of London and Switzerland. In the US it has investments in Morgan Bank, Chase-Manhathan, Frist National Bank of New York, Bankers Trust Company and others.

[4] Has FAO been taken over by Monsanto, Syngenta and other corporate interests? Via Campesina, 05/21/2004

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