The current great economic crisis is a global crisis of Humanity

The current great economic crisis is a global crisis of Humanity

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By Pedro Casaldáliga

It will not be resolved with any type of capitalism, because there is no room for human capitalism; capitalism continues to be homicidal, ecocidal, suicidal. There is no way to simultaneously serve the god of banks and the God of Life.

Cardinal Carlo M. Martini, Jesuit, biblical scholar, archbishop who was from Milan and Parkinson's colleague of mine, is an ecclesiastic of dialogue, of welcome, of thorough renewal, both of the Church and of the Society. In his book of confidences and confessions Nighttime Colloquia in Jerusalem, he declares: “Before I had dreams about the Church. He dreamed of a Church that travels its path in poverty and humility, that does not depend on the powers of this world; in which distrust is rooted out; to give space to people who think more broadly; to give encouragement, especially to those who feel small or sinful. He dreamed of a young Church. Today I no longer have those dreams. This categorical statement by Martini is not, and cannot be, a declaration of failure, of ecclesial disappointment, of renunciation of utopia. Martini continues to dream of nothing less than the Kingdom, which is the utopia of utopias, a dream of God himself.

He and millions of people in the Church dream of the "other possible Church", at the service of the "other possible World." And Cardinal Martini is a good witness and a good guide on that alternative path; has shown it.

Both in the Church (in the Church of Jesus, which are several Churches) and in Society (which are various peoples, various cultures, various historical processes) today more than ever we must radicalize in the search for justice and peace, of human dignity and equality in otherness, of true progress within deep ecology. And as Bobbio says "freedom must be installed at the very heart of equality"; today with a strictly global vision and action. It is the other globalization, the one claimed by our thinkers, our militants, our martyrs, our hungry ...

The current great economic crisis is a global crisis of humanity that will not be resolved with any type of capitalism, because there is no room for human capitalism; capitalism continues to be homicidal, ecocidal, suicidal. There is no way of simultaneously serving the god of banks and the God of Life, combining arrogance and usury with fraternal coexistence. The axial question is: Is it about saving the System or is it about saving Humanity? To great crises, great opportunities. In the Chinese language, the word crisis unfolds in two senses: crisis as danger, crisis as opportunity.

In the US electoral campaign, "the dream of Luther King" was raised repeatedly, wanting to update that dream; and, on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the convocation of Vatican II, the Pact of the Catacombs of the Servant and Poor Church has been remembered with nostalgia. On November 16, 1965, a few days before the closing of the Council, 40 Conciliar Fathers celebrated the Eucharist in the Roman catacombs of Domitilla, and signed the Pact of the Catacombs. Dom Hélder Câmara, whose centenary of birth we are celebrating this year, was one of the main animators of the prophetic group. The Pact in its 13 points insists on the evangelical poverty of the Church, without honorific titles, without privileges and without worldly ostentations; it insists on collegiality and co-responsibility of the Church as the People of God, and on openness to the world and fraternal welcome.

Today, we, in the current convulsed conjuncture, profess the validity of many dreams, social, political, ecclesial, which we can in no way renounce. We continue to reject neoliberal capitalism, the neo-imperialism of money and weapons, a market economy and consumerism that buries a large majority of humanity in poverty and hunger. And we will continue to reject all discrimination based on gender, culture, and race. We demand the substantial transformation of world organizations (UN, IMF, World Bank, WTO ...). We are committed to living a "deep and comprehensive ecological", promoting an alternative agrarian-agricultural policy to the predatory policy of large estates, monocultures, pesticides. We will participate in the social, political and economic transformations, for a democracy of "high intensity".

As Church we want to live, in the light of the Gospel, the obsessive passion of Jesus, the Kingdom. We want to be a Church of the option for the poor, an ecumenical and macroecumenical community as well. The God in whom we believe, the Abba of Jesus, cannot in any way be the cause of fundamentalisms, of exclusions, of absorbing inclusions, of proselytizing pride. It is enough to make our God the only true God. "My God, will you let me see God?" With all due respect for the opinion of Pope Benedict XVI, interreligious dialogue is not only possible, it is necessary. We will make ecclesial co-responsibility the legitimate expression of an adult faith. We will demand, correcting centuries of discrimination, the full equality of women in life and in the ministries of the Church. We will encourage the freedom and recognized service of our theologians. The Church will be a network of communities praying, serving, prophetic, witnesses of the Good News: a Good News of life, of freedom, of happy communion. A Good News of mercy, of welcome, of forgiveness, of tenderness, Samaritan at the side of all the paths of Humanity. We will continue to make Jesus' warning be lived in ecclesial practice: "It will not be so among you" (Mt 21:26). Be the service authority. The Vatican will cease to be a State and the Pope will no longer be Head of State. The Curia will have to be profoundly reformed and the local Churches will cultivate the inculturation of the Gospel and shared ministeriality. The Church will commit itself, without fear, without evasion, in the great causes of justice and peace, human rights and the recognized equality of all peoples. It will be a prophecy of announcement, of denunciation, of consolation. The politics lived by all Christians will be that "highest expression of brotherly love" (Pius XI).

We refuse to give up these dreams even though they may seem chimera. "We still sing, we still dream." We stick to the word of Jesus: «Fire I have come to bring to Earth; and what can I want but let it burn ”(Lk 12:49). With humility and courage, in following Jesus, we will look to live these dreams in each day of our lives. There will continue to be a crisis and Humanity, with its religions and churches, will continue to be holy and sinful. But there will be no shortage of universal solidarity campaigns, Social Forums, Vías Campesinas, popular movements, the conquests of the Landless, ecological pacts, alternative paths to Our America, Ecclesial Base Communities, reconciliation processes between Shalom and Salam, indigenous and Afro victories and, in any case, once again and always "I abide by what has been said: Hope."

Each one to whom this fraternal circular can reach, in communion of religious faith or human passion, receive a hug the size of these dreams. We old men still have visions, says the Bible (Jl 3,1). I read this definition a few days ago: "Old age is a kind of postwar period"; not necessarily of claudication. Parkinson's is just a mishap on the road and we continue to the Kingdom within.

Alai Amlatina

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