More than 2000 years ago we were entrusted with a simple task: "MANAGE NATURE" ...

More than 2000 years ago we were entrusted with a simple task:

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By Brenda Bahamondes G.

For some people, caring about the environment is just a fashionable topic or a matter for those who are looking for altruistic concerns.

Reality shows us a different side of the coin: Peru annually loses around 300 thousand hectares of land, affecting almost 30% of the national territory. The 20th century ended with 8 million hectares of Amazonian forests and there is a 35% increase in respiratory, skin and other pollution-related diseases.

There are many organisms and hundreds of laws that protect nature, but are they enforced? The answer is no. Although there is a greater concern for the environment, this continues to be a problem that does not find an effective solution in our country.

The protection of the environment is a universal theme, the destruction of the earth affects each and every human being.

Many downplay the environmental issue for being abstract, ¿deforestation? Loss of Amazonian forests? They do not seem to understand that the planet is one, and that if forests, animals, the ozone layer were not necessary ... they would never have existed.

Each living organism on our planet has a specific role and is part of a large body:? The Earth ?.

Why wait to see that our planet is destroyed; In fact, global warming is already happening. Many times we have said to ourselves:? It seems that the sun is stronger than before ?.

Because global warming, the holes in the ozone layer and the loss of forests are not under the control of any particular government, only international cooperation can ensure sustainable solutions for the planet.

Let's avoid the destruction of the planet and human beings, because it is in our hands to prevent it, from our own home.

The environmental problem is a commitment of all, it involves the state, institutions and citizens.

Peru is considered the paradise of biological diversity. In 1993, it surprised scientists, researchers and biologists worldwide who announced the existence of 190 species in the Manu National Park, officially becoming the protected area with the largest number of mammals in the world. In addition, Manu was already considered the protected area with the most bird species worldwide, with a total of 900.

Our city, although it constitutes only 5% of the national territory, has a variety of ecological areas, also called life zones. Of the 104 life zones that exist in the world, the Arequipa region has 24 distributed both on the coast and in the mountains.

However, our city is in great danger due to its particular geographical formation in the shape of a pot, that is, pollution cannot escape, it remains inside this immense pot and we are the only ones harmed.

The consequences of the irresponsible activities of some producers

farmers, miners, industrialists, merchants, transporters, vehicle owners, public and private institutions and the population in general, are air, water and soil pollution, desertification and with it the extinction of agricultural soils, deterioration of the layer ozone, increased temperature, increased greenhouse effect, contaminated agricultural products and the destruction of natural ecosystems that ultimately lead to the deterioration of human health and other living species causing death.

Before acting irresponsibly, let's meditate for a moment in relation to the life we ​​want for our children and for ourselves.

Let's look for local solutions with effective strategies that lead to improving the environmental situation in our city.

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