A vision on the bounty of forests and humanity's loss of common sense -

A vision on the bounty of forests and humanity's loss of common sense -

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By Lucas Chiappe

I have just returned from a tour of the humid temperate forests of Western Canada (British Columbia) where tree-lined mountains and vibrant with biological diversity meet the Pacific Ocean and give life to one of the richest and most diverse regions. abundant wildlife on the planet.

I have just returned from a tour of the humid temperate forests of Western Canada (British Columbia) where tree-lined mountains and vibrant with biological diversity meet the Pacific Ocean and give life to one of the richest and most diverse regions. abundant wildlife on the planet.

A place where there is still a 4th of the oldest rainforests in the world, but which at the same time is the exporter of more than half of the wood and pulp of Canada, and has only 12% of its territory under some type of protection. If I had to be hyper synthetic, I would say that in the ten days that my intense tour lasted, I had the opportunity to admire one of the most impressive wooded ecosystems on Planet Earth, thoroughly enjoying its majesty and beauty, however, simultaneously, I was able to see with my own eyes one of the wildest ecological disasters I have ever witnessed in my life.

Without a doubt, the Temperate Humid Forests that extend throughout this immense territory that today we call Canada, should be considered one of the most precious treasures of Humanity, since, in addition to allowing the flourishing of dozens of highly evolved cultures ( 150 different ethnic groups), maintained for millennia a true "development" as societies in perfect balance with their habitat ... Provoking a very rich, fragile and complex exchange between the abundant biological diversity that was evolving in this bioregion and societies that were very observant and respectful of their habitat".

On the other hand, the fact of carefully observing the degree of unconsciousness applied in the deforestation to "clear cut" by the logging corporations that are dedicated to the merciless destruction of these biological systems, filled me with a feeling similar to what they should of to have felt all the human beings who lived a high intensity war and where the only visible result is the extermination of every living being, leaving in its wake a small portion of shapeless remains, which a short time before were a living and flourishing community ... as if a perverse group of mercenaries had decided to unleash a war of extermination, without any kind of contemplation, against a community of defenseless beings. Highly evolved beings whose basic meaning is to improve the quality of life of all the inhabitants of this planet and whose condemnation is to have become a bargaining chip for the economic enrichment of a few ...

I am not exaggerating one bit by confessing that the repeated visits I made in these cathedral forests made me emotional to tears… In one sense and the other. Contemplate specimens of ancient Red Cedars and Firs of enormous sizes (70-90 meters high and 4-5 meters in diameter); sink into the bowels of these rainforests upholstered with all kinds of moss, ferns and plants that climb and hang from the branches; come across some specimens of its abundant fauna (bears, wolves and pumas, just to mention some of its emblematic mammals); smell that pungent aroma of wet earth accompanied by a concert of birds and insects; admire the variety of flowers that burst at this time of year in its dense undergrowth and sink into the moisture that permeates everything like a gigantic sponge that absorbs, filters, and redistributes the most precious of liquids, it produced a state of shock fully mobilizing.

But in reality words are not enough to describe the madness that I witnessed live and direct: Entire mountains deforested from their peaks to their foothills to extract their ancient trees, including in this "shearing", the absurd removal of even the last of its grasslands and shrubs ... And all without even contemplating the slopes that exceed 45 degrees of inclination ... Which causes the complete washout of the upper layer of fertile soil, which is dragged down the slope and quickly covers all the streams and springs that used to run free ... And causing the consequent disappearance of the millions of salmon that have always been one of the basic links of these ecosystems. And so we are… In the North and in the South… Following the worst examples in all social, ethical and ecological fields. Believing the story of globalization as an intelligent economic form worthy of imitation (an illusion that could never materialize in a capitalist system underpinned by the exploitation of man by man, and in an excessive consumerism that is maintained through overexploitation misnamed "natural resources") ...

Very serious problem to which is added the destruction of bioregional economies, which would be the only way to counteract this model, providing more and more roots and obtaining more and more autonomy. A way of adapting the policy according to the profile of each region, respecting the decisions taken jointly by the local population and indigenous peoples, following long-range conservation patterns and allowing future generations to continue to benefit from a healthy and conducive environment for life. I was honestly very shocked by this chain of ecological disasters difficult to understand even for the most inexperienced of observers, which produce unlimited indignation, followed by a burning question for the future of humanity: "What sense can a policy of state that allows the disappearance of the natural assets on which the subsistence of the entire planet is based? ". The answer, however, must be sought in another simple question: "Who are the direct beneficiaries of such a carnage?" … Oversized corporations run by anonymous executives that operate with an economic inertia that only contemplates profits for their shareholders and knows no reasons of logic or common sense…… Fabulous short-term profits, which imply a systematic degradation that leads to inevitable disasters in the medium and long term ... Market laws that are governed by prices that ignore any consideration of values ​​...

In short, thorough demonstrations of the collective suicide towards which we are facing our destiny as a civilization ... And yet, in the sea of ​​anesthesia and misinformation in which we live submerged, they even provoke reactions that allow us to reverse this high-risk situation ... My feeling continues being that of walking a tightrope ... And I wish with each of these reflections to collaborate to continue awakening that lucidity that sometimes emerges in situations of extreme danger ... Something that the Andes have experienced with great awareness in the case of the mine of Esquel's gold, and that allowed us a great collective leap regarding the essential re-valorization of the natural assets of Patagonia ...

Forest Encounters: A courageous band of Echo-warriors blocking a Logging path

Very early in the morning we approached the vehicles that a group of young Canadian colleagues had made available to us: 2 vans and 3 all-terrain vehicles where about thirty people of various nationalities huddled, with a common goal: the conservation of the 7 regions of the world where portions of Temperate Humid Forests still exist (only 3% of the forests of Planet Earth). It was drizzling thickly on the roads that wind their way through wonderful Vancouver Island, yet the spirit of the group was decidedly festive. People coming from the farthest places (Australia-Chile-Alaska-Patagonia) took the opportunity to meet and share stories and anecdotes of their respective struggles, exchange directions and emotions, vibrate with the small but invaluable victories obtained and console themselves for the ecological disasters that they are repeated with accelerated recurrence in all latitudes of both Hemispheres.

3 hours later and after having spent the last half hour on the road traveling through an intense network of logging roads opened by bulldozers at the service of the corporations, we came across a thick wall of stones placed by hand and with great precision on a bridge state, as to interrupt all vehicle and truck traffic. We were a few meters away from what the gringos call "an eco-blockade" and whose meaning is easy to understand in our country of picketers: A conscious, thoughtful and intentional decision to prevent the passage of heavy machinery in order to stop deforestation of some of the dozens of basins that make up the fragile and complex mosaic in this fantastic forested territory in the south of the State of British Columbia.

We got out of the vehicles with shouts of joy and friendly laughter and from the other side of the bridge the heads of a handful of brave women began to appear, looking at us in amazement ... ... And in a few moments we recognized each other in a supportive and emotional embrace ... It was drizzling On that gray spring afternoon, but the sun seemed to shine over our heads, the words spilled out in rivers of multiple communications and sincere gestures, until an extensive circle of people holding hands was assembled, and, María Teresa Panchill , our Mapuche companion who had left her native Temuco to make her just demands heard, decided to take the reins of this meeting of spirits and with a vibrant voice she gave us a welcoming ceremony by reeling off a string of words "in language" that were improvisedly translated into Many languages. Then it was the turn of our "hosts" who asked the famous Canadian "Grandmother of the Forests" (Betty Krawczy, aged 72 years) to welcome us and explain in a few words the meaning of that determined and courageous struggle in the Ancient Forests of the Upper Walbran Valley ... "- Ours is a risky and unequal fight that personally cost me a sentence in 1996 to four years in jail in cash" - he told us. Sentence "suspended" by the Justice of Canada itself, to put out the "fire" unleashed by Betty and her allies after the first 4 months of intense activism that they developed in a Vancouver jail.

The uncomfortable propaganda received by the Government and the logging companies managed to mobilize all the international media that described this emblematic case and soon Betty and her friends in many countries became another paradigm of this uneven struggle between David and Goliath for conservation. of the forests (I remember including this incredible and exemplary story in the magazine that I have edited for years with Proyecto Lemu: Sheet by Sheet N 4). "- Today, Betty summarized us, the fight continues here and I have been in this place for weeks waiting to be arrested again ... However, only the henchmen of the corporations appear, who come to threaten us with the most offensive words and try to scare us with mock attacks ... But the police, under pressure from the central government itself, no longer wish to arrest me after the previous experience, and so the situation is tense in time ... That is why today, after having had no contact with anyone of our companions in the last two weeks, we receive them with our hearts swollen with hope and knowing that this contact will allow us to weave a new web of alliances that will continue to cover the American continent from north to south… Welcome brothers in struggle…. Welcome warriors of hope ... "Thanks to the respectful silence that occurred at the end of his talk, we were able to enjoy for a few moments the pleasant sun nest of the river that ran below our feet, on the "blocked" bridge, identify the squawk of the strange crows (Raven) that fill the thickets of the forest and admire the precise flight of a pair of eagles flying over the camp among the mists ... Synchronicities that continued to occur throughout that afternoon of encounters between magicians, peers and mirrors ...

Lucas Chiappe Coordinator of the "Lemu Project" (Epuyen-Chubut) gives us a snapshot of his impressions after an intense tour of the Canadian forests of the province of British Columbia, within the framework of the 1st International Conference on Temperate Humid Forests that It was held in Victoria from May 3 to 7. He took the opportunity to tour the fantastic forests that still remain on Vancouver Island (75% of which were astonishingly cut down in the last 30 years), celebrate together with his northern eco-leagues the 10 years of the greatest mobilization in history of Canada for the protection of the Forests, in Cayoquot Sound (850 people arrested during the 8 years of struggle concluded in May 1993 with a total victory of the conservation NGOs allied with the native peoples), and to contribute their Patagonian solidarity to the "blockade "of routes by a group of women, headed by the famous" grandmother "Betty Krawczyk, 72 years old, who despite having been imprisoned and sentenced to 4 years in prison in 1996, today continues to fight for protection from the ancient forests of the Walbran Valley.

* Lucas Chiappe
Coordinator of the "Lemu Project" (Epuyen-Chubut)

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