Spending on Arms is a Scandal

Spending on Arms is a Scandal

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By Dr. Edgardo Condeza Vaccaro

The news has left us stunned and outraged. Many arguments could be given but the fundamental thing is that the final destination of an investment of this nature is the death of human beings.
The news has left us stunned and outraged.

1- Many arguments could be given but the fundamental thing is that the final destination of an investment of this nature is the death of human beings. With Argentina there is a transparent process of homologation of weapons. This same process begins to be carried out with Peru, whose President has insistently expressed the need to freeze the purchase and reduce the stock of weapons. Bilateral efforts are made for peace and resolution of problems with Bolivia. Chile has begun the elimination of antipersonnel mines on the border with that country. The Chilean Armed Forces have not participated in any warlike conflict for more than 120 years, and both their commanders in chief and those of the continent have expressed that there is no danger of war between our countries.

2-The only and best way to protect Peace among Latin American countries is to advance planned with political will towards the INTEGRATION OF OUR NATIONS. This is the most important effort in Foreign Relations. This was done by Germany, France, Italy, Great Britain,…, which for centuries were at war. From the end of the II World G. in 1945 they created an Integration system that constitutes the European Union.

3- This purchase in a country with deep problems of unemployment, health, education, crime, housing, the situation of retirees, poverty, etc.

Spending on weapons is a scandal!

4-The price of the airplanes that Chile buys - say the authorities without honoring the truth - is 660 million dollars. This value does not include the interest payment, which will be 250 million dollars. Neither are maintenance, personnel, fuel, infrastructure, etc. expenses. It is estimated that it will be a total of 1,200 million dollars. This figure is equivalent to: Build 162,000 homes of 5,000,000 pesos each. The 1,200 million dollars is equivalent to solving the problem of ALL THE UNEMPLOYED over the course of more than a year with a minimum monthly wage. "The value of a single tank, of the hundreds that the army has is equivalent to the total annual budget of the Culture Division of the Ministry of Education for all of Chile."

5-If Chile buys more weapons, the Armed Forces and some political sectors of neighboring countries will have arguments to pressure their governments to buy more weapons. In this way all this is transformed into an endless arms race that only interests the manufacturers and traffickers of death and the politicians who support them.

6-Chile needs air transport to put out forest fires or those that occur in urban areas that cause immense losses; for salvage operations; for passenger and cargo transportation; to reach places of difficult access, etc ...

7-The Chilean people do not want wars with any country, nor do they want to make expenses that produce an arms race. Who does this initiative to spend on armaments represent? It is inconceivable that a socialist doctor and that President Lagos of the PPD adopt such an irrational and inhuman decision that he does not interpret our people.

Dr. Edgardo Condeza Vaccaro Former Secretary General of P S. Current Member of the Central Committee O'Higgins 1210 Concepción 098867508— 09/8867518
[email protected]

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