Silent fireworks: so that no one suffers the New Year's celebration

Silent fireworks: so that no one suffers the New Year's celebration

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Unfortunately, while many people celebrated New Year's Eve with loud fireworks, other people and many animals suffer from the great noise and accidents caused by this form of celebration.

It is possible to celebrate without endangering the lives of other beings without using noisy rockets and fireworks. Alternatively, there are silent fireworks and luminous drones. Many cities around the world have already joined or will join in this year's celebration and show.

These alternatives, in addition to being a more conscious and respectful way to party, also avoid disturbing and endangering the integrity of sick people, babies, autistic children and animals with panic attacks.

Last year, Sao Paulo set the example

The change from 2018 to 2019 in the city of São Paulo, precisely on Avenida Paulista, was marked by the use of silent fireworks.

At that time, roaring was prohibited, thanks to a law approved by the São Paulo City Council, with the aim of avoiding disturbances for the elderly, children, people with disabilities and animals, susceptible to suffering from noise caused by noisy fires and by the dangerous rockets.

Unfortunately, this law that prohibited the use of fireworks in Sao Paulo was suspended by STF Minister Alexandre de Moraes, due to a lawsuit filed by the Brazilian Association of Pyrotechnics (Assobrapi), for interest in the sale of thunderous fireworks .

The mayor of Sao Paulo, Bruno Covas, appealed that said law (Law No. 16,897, of May 23, 2018) was approved by the City Council, because the main cultural celebrations, including New Year's Eve, take place in the city. On Avenida Paulista, where some of the main hospitals in the capital are located.

Last New Year's Eve, Brazilian cities like Santos, Campinas and Ubatuba only had silent fireworks, which produce less or no noise.

These cities have shown that it is possible to have fun without harming anyone, because the noise of fires causes stress and sacrifices the lives of many living beings, be they humans or animals.

Risks and Dangers of Rocket and Noisy Fires

Remember that fireworks, in addition to being loud, are explosive and therefore dangerous.

The damages that these types of fires can cause are:

  • burn accidents
  • fires
  • animal escapes and even accidents and death due to fear and hearing sensitivity
  • heart attack in people prone to heart problems, who are surprised by the noise of fires

Another alternative is to celebrate in your home with the silent fires or even without them.

Let's empathize with those who end up being harmed by explosions and loud fireworks. Be part of this movement for silent fireworks in every city in the world!

May the only explosions that occur on the holidays and New Year's Eve be peace, joy, love, respect, and harmony!

by Deise Aur, Article in Portuguese

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