Green Christmas: Ideas to act creatively and sustainably

Green Christmas: Ideas to act creatively and sustainably

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Christmas is a time of celebration and joy, everyone knows it! But it is also garbage time, a lot of garbage, generated by gift wrap made of plastic, a lot of plastic! Bows, ribbons, paper, bags ... All made to last two seconds, the moment you open the package, and then remain in the environment for centuries if the material is not recycled (and most of the time it is not).

To avoid all this damage, we can act creatively and sustainably by wrapping paper gifts, reusing boxes, newspapers, magazine sheets, or bread bags.

Conscious consumers have been embracing this practice for the environment for a long time, but there are still people who doubt that it is possible to make beautiful gift packaging by reusing the materials we already have at home.

To show that this is possible, this content provides some gift wrapping ideas for a greener, greener and more sustainable Christmas. Check it!

Newspaper wrapping and gift wrapping

Gifts can be wrapped with sheets of newspaper, and for a special touch, the packaging can be wrapped with twine and decorated with dried leaves and twigs.

Reuse bread bags

The gifts can also be wrapped by reusing bread bags, clean and in good condition, decorating whimsically always using leaves, fruits, dried spices such as cloves, cinnamon, dried orange:

Newspaper or magazine sheets

Magazine and newspaper sheets can be used to create new gift wrapping or to cover bags that have already been used, thus hiding any brands, names, or writing that were on the old packaging.

Reuse cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes, like shoe boxes, lined with magazines and newspaper sheets are also beautiful as gift packaging.

Make your own gift box

By reusing tougher papers such as magazine covers, you can make gift wrapping boxes yourself. The following video shows how to make lidded boxes of various sizes The important thing is to reuse what you already have at home so that your gift packaging is as eco-friendly as possible.

Use imagination

Could you get an idea of ​​how much you can do without wasting material, reduce waste, avoid using plastic, and save money than natural resources for a greener Christmas?

Use your imagination and ... get to work!

by Deise Aur

Video: Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide . zero waste u0026 eco-friendly (May 2022).


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