Kundalini: awakening the joy of living and the pleasure of life

Kundalini: awakening the joy of living and the pleasure of life

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Kundalini energy is a creative energy that, when active, flows throughout the universe and integrates heaven and earth, yang and yin. This energy has been known since ancient times as "Serpent Fire". Learn more about the powerful Kundalini energy.

Everything in creation is energy! Each being and element has its energy vortex.

Since ancient times in the initiation schools and temples of Egypt and India, there were practices with the energetic and spiritual development of a powerful energy called Kundalini.

1. What is Kundalini?

The word Kundalini derives from Sanskrit which literally means "coiled like a serpent" or "one in the shape of a serpent."

This denomination alludes to the Cosmic Energy that focuses on each Being and that in the human being through his Consciousness can expand.

2.Effects of Kundalini activation

When a person awakens, the Kundalini activates a flow of energy, similar to the Flaming Serpent, which begins from the basic chakra at the base of the spine (coccyx) and rises towards the spinal cord, thus strengthening the rotation of the chakras (energy points) and thus detects. and faculties arise or accentuate, such as intuition, clairvoyance, telepathy and others.

The activation of the Kundalini promotes the ignition of this energy symbolized by the symbol of the Caduceus of Mercury.

The Kundalini activation raises the igneous energy of the Muladhara Chakra through each of the six chakras which are Swadisthana, Manipura, Anahata, Vishuddhi, Ajna and Sahasrara.

As the Kundalini passes through each Chakra, its respective faculty is activated.

Look at each Chakra and its respective faculty or power:

BASIC (1st) or Múládhára - Grounding
SACRO (2nd) or Swádhisthána - Sexuality and Joy
SOLAR PLEXUS (3rd) or Manipura - Emotion and Power
HEART (4th) or Anahata - Feelings
LARGEON (5th) or Vishuddha - Communication and Creativity
FRONT (6th) o Ájña - Intellect and intuition
CORONARY (7th) or Saháshara - Connection with the Divine

When the Kundalini reaches the seventh chakra, the experience of Enlightenment and Self-Realization occurs, thanks to the activation of the pineal gland.

In this process of awakening the Kundalini, along with the elevation of the spiritual level and the expansion of consciousness, the practitioner becomes a Master and Enlightened One.

3.The Kundalini awakening experience

There are ways and practices to activate Kundalini, but to achieve a result of true fulfillment requires discipline, devotion, connection with the Divine, love, purity and respect with the sexual energy. Otherwise, this powerful energy can be misused because the person is not ready to use it wisely and consciously.

The igneous serpent is activated and nourished through mindful breathing, mantra practices, and meditation. Couples have the opportunity to increase this energy more fully through sexual practice.

Allied to this, comes the care given to each dimension that integrates the human being: physical, vital, astral, mental and spiritual, that is, the person needs to refine their senses and elevate their habits that involve: food, sexuality, fun, relationships , connection with creation and spirituality.

4.How to awaken or activate Kundalini

Some ways to experience Kundalini elevation are:

4.1. Conscious breathing

Conscious breathing can be practiced through yoga, meditation, or the utterance of sacred sounds (mantras).

4.2. Healthy and more natural food

Plant nutrition refines energy and promotes the health of the body.

4.3. Live with presence and self-observation

Observing yourself from one moment to the next, living with more awareness and presence, is essential for this expansion process.

4.4. Filter the impressions and information that enter the mind through the 5 senses.

Dense, heavy and violent impressions and information negatively affect energy and even block the chakras.

4.5. Provides body, mind, and emotions, thereby promoting balance.

To harmonize the chakras and improve the quality of energy, it is necessary to cultivate higher and more subtle activities, actions, thoughts and emotions. For this, it is advisable to listen to relaxing music, practice moderate physical activity, have contact with nature, respect animals, be at peace with yourself, calm the mind, live in a more contemplative state and treat sexual energy as something sacred and spiritual, without spilling it to ascend it.

5. The rise of Kundalini: a life with more strength and purpose!

When there is this perception and all this experience, the sacred manifestos and communion with God are revealed in greater integration with Life, expressing more joy and meaning. More fullness!

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