Rural teachers against pesticides: "Ours is not an easy task, it requires integrity and wisdom"

Rural teachers against pesticides:

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The rural teacher and veterinarian from Totoras spoke about a productive model that devastates the land and health. An unmissable talk with an environmental activist who challenges agrarian power in the first person.

Rural teaching, one that clinging to the smells and colors of the countryside transcended its days embracing the freedom that was twinned with the earth, today faces a paradigm that is more than complex.

The old agriculture that today advocates a return, that of the grandparents' seed, the one that sprouted in every corner, has mutated in a tragic way. The production model based on transgenics and poisons has generated an outlook as bleak as it is distressing. The soy frontier is advancing ruthlessly, the incessant internal migration of peasants and native populations is fused with the merciless whip of pesticide spraying.

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