How to make clove oil for beauty, health and aromatherapy

How to make clove oil for beauty, health and aromatherapy

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Some culinary items are so rich that they are used not only for food, but also for medicinal, beauty and relaxation treatments. This is the case of the nail.

The essential oil, which is extracted from flowers and leaves, has a very ancient culinary use. Today, the use of cloves for medicinal, aesthetic and wellness purposes is already widespread, thanks to the benefits of being a powerful antiseptic, repellent, antibacterial, antifungal, digestive, aphrodisiac, among others.

It is worth knowing more about clove oil, its functions, uses and how to make it at home.

What is clove essential oil for?

Clove essential oil is widely used as an antiseptic and can help soothe a toothache as it has pain relieving properties and helps to remove bacteria from the oral cavity. Eugenol, a substance in the oil, is widely used in dental offices.

In addition, the oil can be useful for strengthening nails, treating and preventing ringworm and chilblains, thanks to its antifungal properties.

Another very recurring use is as a natural stimulant and aphrodisiac.

Clove essential oil benefits

Clove oil is a very important element in terms of health. It has a number of benefits. See below some of them:

  • Relieves pain and inflammation.
  • Minimize toothache
  • Helps digestive problems by stimulating proper bowel function
  • Reduces sore throat and other respiratory problems such as bronchitis and cough
  • Improves the immune system and blood circulation.
  • It has an expectorant action, helps to eliminate mucus and fight colds and flu.
  • It can be used to relieve earaches;
  • Minimizes joint and muscle pain.
  • Fight against chilblains and mycoses;
  • It can be used as a natural repellent. It is an aphrodisiac

Clove essential oil uses

Clove is widely used as a spice in cooking, but its essential oil can also be used to

  • massage
  • in aromatherapy (its aroma favors good mood and concentration),
  • for relaxation in foot baths (also improves blood circulation),
  • in beauty to strengthen hair and nails.

Simply add a few drops of this oil in the bathtub, re-aromatize the environment, cover with hot water to rest your feet and legs after a tiring day, and massage your hands with another vegetable oil of your choice.


Clove oil helps prevent hair loss by leaving hair stronger, healthier, and shinier, and even helps thicken locks. To use it for this purpose, just drip a few drops of the oil onto the hair cream, or shampoo and conditioner, in the case of those who have oily hair.


Nails also benefit from the use of clove oil. Its recurrent use makes the nails less fragile, in addition to treating and preventing fungal infections and chilblains. To make a nail product, simply add 3-4 cloves in a little sunflower oil in a sealed bottle and let it set for about 1 week. Then just use to moisturize the cuticle and strengthen the nails.

How to make clove essential oil at home?

You can make clove oil at home, and the recipe couldn't be simpler. Separate some cloves, put in a sealed glass container and add with olive oil. Leave for 20 days in a dark place, taking care to stir the container daily to equalize the solution. After this rest period, the product is ready for use. Follow the tutorial in the next video.

By Cíntia Ferreira. Article in Portuguese

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