Top 10 health benefits of massage

Top 10 health benefits of massage

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Massages are not just relaxing, they are associated with many health benefits when performed by a licensed professional. There have been many scientific studies showing, through blood tests, that regular massage reduces inflammation, helps with autoimmune conditions, decreases stress hormones, and boosts the immune system.

Benefits of massage:

Alleviate the pain: 80% of people will experience back pain in their lifetime, and studies show that massage can greatly reduce stiffness and improve range of motion, especially in those with osteoarthritis.

Curb depression and anxiety: Massages lower the cortisol level, resulting in reduced blood pressure and a better mood. Massage also increases the hormones dopamine and serotonin, which are involved in relieving depression.

Improve sleep: Most people have fallen asleep during a massage, and there is a reason for it! Massage affects delta waves, which are the waves associated with deep sleep.

Boost the immune system: Research has shown that massage increases white blood cell counts, which fight disease and boost the immune system.

Raise alert: In one particular study, those who enjoyed a 15-minute massage were more alert and completed math questions faster than a control group that had not received a massage.

Beauty benefits: Massages lead to increased blood flow, which plumps up the skin, promotes healing, and helps the body rid itself of toxins through the lymphatic system.

They reduce headaches: Many headaches are due to tension, and getting regular massages will loosen neck muscles and stress levels, which can help those who regularly suffer from migraines and headaches.

Cancer Treatment Supplement: Because massage is known to relieve pain, anxiety, stress, depression, and nausea, massage can provide relief for those undergoing rigorous treatment of illnesses.

It can help in the treatment of sports injuries. Many sports injuries, such as stretched muscles, can be effectively treated with massage, as it is extremely relaxing and is known to relieve muscle pain.

It can help those struggling with medical conditions. It's a well-known fact that massages are incredibly relaxing and can relieve pain, so it's no wonder they can help those struggling with certain medical conditions like myofascial pain syndrome.

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