Museum names a beetle "Greta Thunberg", in honor of the activist

Museum names a beetle

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The Natural History Museum in London announced that a species of beetle has been named "Nelloptodes gretae" in honor of the 16-year-old Swedish activist Greta Thunberg, who has been constantly involved in environmental issues and has demanded world leaders a greater commitment to combat climate change, always in defense of planet Earth.

It is a small yellow insect, 0.79 millimeters long, that lives within 'leaf carpets' or on the ground, feeding on filaments of fungi and spores. This beetle does not have eyes or wings, but it does have two long antennae in the form of braids.

Dr. Michael Darby, the museum's scientific associate, found the insect in his collection of millions of animal specimens. "I chose that name (Nelloptodes gretae) because I am impressed by the work of the young activist and would like to pay tribute to her exceptional contribution to environmental issues," explained Darby, adding that these beetles "are not parasites and do not live inside other creatures ”.

For his part, the head of the London museum's beetle collection, Max Barclay, stressed that "it is entirely appropriate that the most recent find be named after someone who fights to defend the natural world and protect vulnerable species" .

Barclay said that "undiscovered species are likely to be lost, even before scientists have named them, due to loss of biodiversity."

Greta Thunberg became known for her school strike for the climate in 2018. Instead of attending school, the young woman protested in front of the Swedish parliament over the lack of action of politicians in the face of the climate crisis.

Now just 16 years old, he became an icon in the fight against climate change, generating hope and giving a voice to a generation concerned about its future. The teenager, whose name rang out for the 2019 Nobel Peace Prize, has managed to forge her own path in less than a year, leading protests and addressing political leaders around the world.




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