Smart pots that notify when the plant needs water or "express" how it feels

Smart pots that notify when the plant needs water or

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An electronic engineer created MIA (Argentina Smart Flowerpot) a container that warns, through lights and sounds, when a plant needs water, light or a change in temperature.

The flowerpot is completely handmade, made by the designer himself with materials such as concrete, metal and wood, as well as a computer.

How MIA works

The MIA has a small computer that measures the humidity, light, and temperature of the plant. When any of these factors are modified and the plant no longer receives what it needs, the pot emits light signals to communicate it. If the light signals are not attended by the user, the pot will also start to emit sounds.

Its creator, Sebastián Godoy, explained that MIA “is verygood even for kids because it creates the habit of caring for plants”. In fact "The flowerpot was born after a game for children that I designed, called My first Flower, and it opened the doors to entrepreneurship. It is very attractive and people are struck by how useful it is"Godoy added.

Pots that express how they feel

Another smart planter was designed by Mu Design and is called Lua, the “smart flower pot with feelings", Which allows knowing how much water and sunlight a plant requires.

The particularity of this tool is that, to recognize the status of the plant, it communicates through “faces”Or gestures, through an application and an LED screen.

As part of the Lua operating system, you can receive fun reports about the health and general condition of the plant. The expressions achieved on screen are incredible, for example, when the plant lacks water, the pot expresses a "face" with an open mouth and a panting tongue.

Lua, the smart pot, also has more than 15 animated facial expressions that will help the user in a fun way to recognize the state of their plants.

How LUA works

You download a free application to your cell phone and scan a QR code, in addition to entering the type of plant you want to grow, and that's it.

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