Dark side of technology: they spy on us through mobile phones

Dark side of technology: they spy on us through mobile phones

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A Spanish program continues to address the issue of technology and its dark side. This time he exposes the case of how mobile phones listen to us to know what our interests are and place advertising on our social networks, visited websites, etc.

It is not paranoia, everything that has a microphone and can connect to the Internet listens to us, but because we give it permission by accepting the conditions and terms of use of the apps and websites.

From the television program they did a test as an experiment in which several people got together, leaving their mobiles on the table. With none of the applications open, just as if you had your mobile on the table while having a beer.

One of the collaborators was "giving them lyrics" by showing posters with words that these people normally did not use in their conversations, such as "baby food", "play dough" or "bags".

The result of this experience, although the suspicions were there, was disconcerting. The participants checked their mobile phones, entering the internet and their applications and yes: there were advertisements for infant feeding, bags, backpacks ... and even craft supplies.

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