An App to know what the place you inhabit was like 750 million years ago

An App to know what the place you inhabit was like 750 million years ago

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This application for the curious allows you to know the exact place where it was, for example your house, millions of years ago and what animals lived in that area.

The information that we can access to know what the place where we currently live was like comes from our relatives, neighbors ... and that allows us to realize how everything is changing over the decades.

But billions of years ago on Earth there was no civilization, can you imagine what was before that park, that apartment building or that supermarket?

TheApp Ancient Earth Globe gives you the answer through an interactive map of l Earth so that you can pinpoint exactly where your address was before everything became what we now know.

The result is amazing. Any user can enter a specific address or something more general, such as a state or a city, and then define the time when they want to browse.

How to use?

In the options of the periods that can be chosen, a list is displayed that goes from 20 to 750 million years ago and, after that, you only have to type your address or place of interest.

In addition, once you have chosen the period and the area, the map provides an explanation about the structure of the Earth in that period and the possible dinosaurs or animals that inhabited that area.

This application also helps us to become aware of how short a time human civilization has been on Earth and how much damage we have already caused in the name of development.

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