GMOs bring cancer and deaths

GMOs bring cancer and deaths

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“GMOs only bring disease, devastation and death, as has been proven in the countries that grow it. It is urgent to specify with a prohibition decree the government's promises that GMOs will not be planted either on the peninsula or anywhere in Mexico.

Ana Zabaloy was a teacher in a rural school in San Antonio de Areco, Argentina. Also founder of the Federal Network of Teachers for Life movement, in defense of health and against pesticides. Every day at school, I watched children get sick from glyphosate spraying in GM soy fields near the school. He decided to protect children, support families to protest, meet with other teachers to report the risks, denounce the situation of cancer, malformations and disease in which the planting of transgenics has put them. On June 11, he died for the causes he denounced. A month later, the movement had its first national plenary session with teachers from nine Argentine provinces, all in schools in the same situation. (Darío Aranda,

In Argentina, the world's third largest producer of transgenic crops, this movement joins others, such as the neighborhood assemblies of fumigated towns, the mothers of fumigated towns, the network of lawyers and doctors from fumigated towns, and the protests of social organizations and environmentalists in urban and rural areas. Aerial spraying of glyphosate and other increasingly toxic agrochemicals is an essential component andsine qua non of the planting of transgenics in all countries where they are allowed to proliferate. It is a cancer that spreads from the hand of Bayer, Monsanto, Syngenta, Corteva (derived from Dow-DuPont).

89 percent of the crops currently planted in the world are tolerant to one or more pesticides, in addition to inserting insecticidal genes. The most recent transgenic events have tolerance to glyphosate (probably carcinogenic, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), in addition to the herbicides dicamba and / or 2-4 d, in the same category of danger. Only 10 countries have 98 per percent of the area planted with transgenics on a global scale and between the United States, Brazil and Argentina they have 78 percent.

In the United States, there are 18,400 lawsuits filed against Monsanto-Bayer for causing cancer to the plaintiffs or their relatives with glyphosate, the main herbicide used with transgenic crops. Evidence from the trials shows that Monsanto knew about the danger of glyphosate, but hid it. The victims beat Monsanto in the first three lawsuits, to whom Bayer-Monsanto has to pay 180 million dollars in damages caused and fines, for having proven malicious and intentional, by hiding the risks run by those who use and are exposed to glyphosate .

In addition, there are hundreds of other lawsuits underway against Monsanto-Bayer throughout the Midwest, because the drift of the dicamba herbicide applied to the GM RoundReady X-tend (tolerant to glyphosate and dicamba) soy killed their crops and even their crops. trees. Imagine the effect on people, those directly exposed, those who drink water that crosses the fumigated areas, those who consume food with residues of those powerful pesticides.

This is the context in which the Supreme Court of Justice of the Nation ruled on August 14 that Yucatán cannot declare itself a GMO-free state, in response to a constitutional controversy raised by the Peña Nieto government claiming that only the Ministry of Agriculture can make such a decision. Indeed, that is the letter of the Biosafety Law, which for that and other reasons was christened the Monsanto law, as it is a rule to serve the interests of GMO companies. It is a provision that urgently repeals or changes radically to serve the defense of the rights of indigenous and peasant peoples, native corn, health, biodiversity and food sovereignty, all of which transgenics undermine and prevent.

From the decision of the Supreme Court it is derived that the person who should declare the state free of transgenics, demanded by the communities and inhabitants of Yucatan, is the current Sader, whose head is Víctor Villalobos, an old agent of the transgenic transnationals.

In any case, this court decision does not mean that Monsanto can proceed to plant GM soybeans or corn in Yucatán. Other lawsuits filed and won by beekeepers, organizations and communities in Yucatán, Campeche and Quintana Roo against the planting of transgenics in the peninsula are still standing, which forces the authorities to consult with the communities before any planting. They have been pending for years, but were sabotaged by the Biosafety Commission itself (Cibiogem) through its then executive secretary Sol Ortiz, who tried to manipulate the consultations to make it difficult for the peoples to participate and have to hear their positions. Already in the AMLO government, Villalobos took her to work with him, an absurd appointment thinking of the public interest, given the character's history, but very coherent with Villalobos' position in favor of transgenics and the interests of transnational companies .

GMOs only bring disease, devastation and death, as has been proven in the countries that grow it. It is urgent to specify with a prohibition decree the government's promises that GMOs will not be planted either on the peninsula or anywhere in Mexico.

By Silvia Ribeiro


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