The bee: the most important living being on the planet

The bee: the most important living being on the planet

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During the last debate of the Royal Geographical Society of London, it was concluded that bees are the most important living being on the planet, but they are entering the risk of extinction.

Counting all the bees in the world, they have already disappeared by 90%. According to the latest studies, the causes depend on each region, but among the main reasons are deforestation, shortage of safe places for combs, lack of flowers, uncontrolled use of pesticides, changes in the soil, waves emitted by mobile telephony , etc.

But undoubtedly, the main reason for its disappearance is attributed to the constant spraying of crops.

Bees, the most valuable living being on the planet

World agricultural activity depends on 70% of these insects, which represents that of 100 foods, 70 need bees to develop.

Also the pollination that bees make allow plants to reproduce, on which millions of animals feed, without them, the fauna would soon begin to disappear.

The honey produced by bees not only serves as food, but also provides many benefits to our health and our skin.

How to ensure the subsistence of bees?

The solutions exist, the problem is that it is very difficult to carry them out, given that there are well-established practices in production and agriculture.

However, three solutions are proposed in the hope that they can be accomplished in a short time:

  1. Ban, not reduce, the use of toxic pesticides.
  2. Promote completely natural agricultural alternatives.
  3. Carry out constant research and monitoring of the health, well-being and conservation of bees.

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