Impressive video: A giant whale jumps behind a small boat

Impressive video: A giant whale jumps behind a small boat

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A magical event was experienced near the waters of California in Monterey Bay. This is home to several species of mammals and is on the gray and humpback whale flyway line which makes this place quite popular for whale watching.

"The whale is huge! If I had been the fisherman I would probably need new underwear," the photographer who captured the incredible moment told the media.

”It was fun capturing this video. The whale had already opened several times further away from the fisherman. But sometimes when whales break multiple times, they also head in a specific direction when they are building momentum underwater for the next gap. I figured the next gap would be around the fisherman why the whale was heading there and of course! Although I did not expect that the whale and the boat will line up so perfectly ”. the whale watcher told local media.

Video: Blue Whale Flips Over Boat (May 2022).


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