Cuba bets on renewable energies

Cuba bets on renewable energies

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The Cuban Minister of Energy and Mines, Alfredo López, presented in the framework of the First Renewable Energy Hall and Segurtec the country's commitment to developing renewable energy sources and the need for foreign investment.

In order he mentioned, transform the structure of energy sources, decrease dependence on fossil fuels and increase environmental sustainability.

The island has approved a clean energy program with which it is intended to increase electricity generation from 4% to 24% in 2030 from 30 thousand gigawats a year, calculated from the 20 thousand gigawats that are consumed today.

The fundamental investments identified are 25 biomass dielectrics - annexed to sugar plants, these will be responsible for producing 14% of the energy by 2030, in which the bagasse of the cane will be used.

The rest of the projections focus on 13 wind farms that will constitute 6%, 700 MW in photovoltaic solar parks and 56 with small hydroelectric plants.

This program seeks to replace 1.75 million tons of fuel / year and stop emitting six million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Wind farms

The wind energy development program foresees the construction of 14 wind farms in different areas of the country to generate a total of 633 MW.

The two largest wind farms in the country will soon begin to be built with Chinese technology in the eastern area, as part of the plan to transform the national energy matrix. It is intended to put into operation at least one circuit in December of this year.

This wind farm without a similar precedent scale in Cuba is made up of two wind farms, La Herradura 1 and La Herradura 2, north of the province of Las Tunas, 600 kilometers east of Havana, equipped with technology from Chinese suppliers, informed the press the head of the Integrated Directorate of Wind Projects, Adela Álvarez.

The generation of both wind farms will imply an oil saving of close to 79,000 tons per year and the emission of 256,000 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) into the atmosphere.

From an electrical tradition based almost entirely on oil consumption, Cuba intends to sustain 24 percent of electricity generation from renewable sources by 2030. The goal is tense.

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