Google awards $ 350,000 to a green brick project

Google awards $ 350,000 to a green brick project

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The Eco Inclusión Foundation, from Alta Gracia, with its project of ecological bricks made with plastic waste, won the Challenge 2017, an award that it shared with two other projects that combine technological innovation with application for social purposes.

The winners were presented yesterday at the Google Argentina offices in Puerto Madero, and each one will receive $ 350,000 to develop their projects.

Ecoinclusión Foundation

The project started with 15 “green points” (places where people can take plastic containers) in Alta Gracia and Malagueño. And now it added about 45, distributed in various towns in Cordoba. Through agreements with municipalities and urban recyclers, the PET plastic bottles (aromatic polyester) are transferred to the brick factory (non-polluting) that remains in the mountain town. Eco Inclusión received requests from other provinces to extend the “plastic brick” project.

In Argentina 12 million plastic bottles are discarded per day, of which only 15% are recycled. On the other hand, 3 million Argentines lack decent housing. Ecological bricks made from plastic bottles will allow recycling more than 50,000 tons of plastic per year, which will be used to build almost one million square meters of sustainable housing.

While the second prize went to a Peruvian mist water catchment project

Peruvian Movement Without Water

3.8 million Peruvians suffer from the lack of access to drinking water and cannot meet their basic consumption needs, nor have it available for agricultural use or raising animals. The Peruvian Movement Without Water is a comprehensive system for the capture of water from fog and groundwater, unique for its low costs and for allowing the entire community access to this resource for consumption, development of organic agriculture, raising of small animals and reduction of malnutrition.

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