Climate change: In these countries you will have a better chance of surviving

Climate change: In these countries you will have a better chance of surviving

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Against this background, the British site Eco Experts, a specialist in energy saving, has carried out a study and in several infographics shows us the ranking of the countries that have the most possibilities to adapt to climate change.

The data that were taken into account to prepare the infographic were:

  • quality of infrastructure
  • technological capacity
  • political stability
  • the ability of leaders to take preventive measures

In red are the highest risk countries; in green, the most prepared.

The result is as follows:

The conclusion is obvious: the map shows that developed countries are the best able to withstand the impact of climate change. But in turn, these countries are the ones that are causing the most damage to the environment through their industrial activities.

In Latin America and the Caribbean, the only countries sufficiently prepared not to be considered at risk are Chile and Uruguay.

It must be clarified that climate change does not distinguish political borders, which is why in the same country there may be areas of greater risk than others, as in the United States with Miami, despite the fact that the northern country is one of the best prepared.

According to the ranking, the countries that are most likely to survive climate change are:

1. Denmark

2. New Zealand

3. Norway

4. Singapore

5. United Kingdom

On the other hand, those with the least possibilities are:

1. Central African Republic

2. Chad

3. Eritrea

4. Burundi

5. Sudan

The full list can be seen here.

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