A solar yacht that promises to revolutionize the boating industry

A solar yacht that promises to revolutionize the boating industry

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By Laura Camila Nossa Tejeiro

With this new yacht model, Soel Yachts aims to revolutionize the boat industry. The yacht powered by solar energy is a reality that seeks to provide a maritime travel experience that is much quieter and at the same time respectful with the environment. The co-founder of Soel Yachts, Joep Koster, had previously announced in a statement that a yacht such as the SoelCat 12 would allow both a reduction in CO2 emissions and the loud sounds that abound in ports, lagoons and oceans. which are presented as a source of noise pollution.

However, for the company in charge of innovating in the market with this yacht, it was not enough only to place an electric motor inside a boat, but rather to ensure that the way in which it was propelled was electric. Now, the final product has been presented this year and it is a yacht that can travel at a speed of eight knots for six hours on the life of its battery. Or also, by reducing the speed to six knots the boat can travel for 24 hours, even at night when the solar panels of the yacht are not harvesting the sun's energy.

The status of the boat's power systems and the durability of its battery can be monitored from a smart cell phone or tablet. Additionally, the yacht is useful when it is not in motion, since it can become an electric power station that has the possibility of being mobile. This means that the yacht can provide power for an average of more than five homes, regardless of whether they are located remotely.

In this way, with this yacht the first movement towards a revolution in the boat industry began to be generated by transforming the energy source used to propel this type of boat. The yacht, in addition to having an elegant design, both in its exterior and its interior, is presented as an innovative maritime infrastructure that promises to change the experience of navigation.

This type of infrastructure is of great importance, as it is conceived as a precedent in scientific research for the realization of future advances. This yacht is a case in point, as are the floating bamboo domes the concept of which was devised by designer Dinesh Ram. The domes were designed as living spaces in the middle of the ocean. So, both the SoelCat12 and the bamboo domes are a glimpse into what humanity has in store for its offshore experience.


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