Science confirms it: we must go back to home cooking

Science confirms it: we must go back to home cooking

Homemade food is synonymous with health and well-being. In fact, recent studies, such as the one carried out at the University of Washington (United States) reveal the importance of returning to a habit as healthy as eating healthy and eating at home.

It is not only about benefiting from those delicious balanced and healthy recipes, we also talk aboutregain calm at home and harmonyat the table with the people we love.

We know very well that all this is very difficult to achieve, that reconciling family life with work is very complicated today, but as far as possible, we must achieve it: it is investing in happiness.

We explain the importance of recovering this wonderful habit: homemade food.

Homemade food allows us to control our weight

Many studies tell us that in countries like the United States, the culture of good food is scarce and invaluable. However, this same trend is repeating itself in many more countries, even in the Mediterranean, famous for having the best diet in the world.

Fast food is a resource that saves us time, that satisfies us at any given moment and that reconciles well with the workplace. However, the consequences of maintaining this habit are obvious:

  • Greater overweight.
  • Economic outlay.
  • Cardiovascular diseases.
  • Poor nutrition

Something as simple as starting to cook organic and healthy food rich in antioxidants, Omega 3 or vitamin B, it would improve our health and we would fight obesity.

It is something that we must take into account.

Homemade food brings us back to good traditions

When we celebrate something, we immediately think of meeting in a restaurant with friends and family. Children are already asking to go to famous fast food centers to celebrate their birthdays, and there are many events that we carry out “away from home”.

However, in times of crisis, these practices have begun to be limited, and with this, we have also recovered that pleasant tradition to which our parents and grandparents “forced” us: eating at home.

  • Preparing a good homemade meal is an act of imagination and affection that invites us to “live in the present”. There is no rush, only the desire to offer the best to our people.
  • Eating at home is comfortable, fun, and affordable. The environment is friendly and we closer ties with ours.
  • Having a good meal and knowing that it has been enjoyed is a pleasure and a boost for our self-esteem.

Homemade food: a value and a model for our children

According to himJournal of the American Dietetic Association, eating at home is a very healthy habitfor the development of children and especially for adolescents.

This work was carried out over 10 years to find out if eating habits affected children's development in any way. The results were the following:

  • Eating always at the same time and with the family, favored communication and the relationship between parents and children.
  • The children grew up healthier and less overweight thanks to homemade food.
  • Consistent routines and habits also benefited children as they grew.
  • Following a healthy pattern such as a diet rich in vegetables and fruit and eating at the table with the family makes children follow these same patterns in adulthood.

We have more control over food allergies

Surely it has also happened to you at some time: eating out and within a few hours experiencing a discomfort that leads, of course, into food poisoning.

  • Homemade food avoids many of these problems: we control the quality of food, we preserve it better and we avoid those products that we know do not feel good to ours.
  • Something as simple as eating at home makes us more control the amounts we eat, digestion is carried out more adequately and, with this, the nutrition in general is more optimal.

A good home cooked meal can be prepared in just half an hour

If the main problem we have is lack of time, that is no excuse. There are very healthy dishes that can be prepared in just half an hour. Therefore, it is worth considering the following:

  • Always have the fridge ready with everything you need.
  • Invest in good food: buy organic fruits and vegetables
  • Have homemade broths in your fridgeIn this way, we save a lot of time when preparing rice, sauces ...
  • Plan from one day to the next what you want to cook.
  • If you preserve the food or leftovers from the previous day well, it can be used to make original and healthy dishes (the chicken from the day before can be used today to prepare a mixed salad)

To conclude, we know very well that work-home reconciliation is not always possible. However, for our health and the well-being of our children it is worth a try.

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