Musk will leave Trump if he removes the US from the Paris Agreement

Musk will leave Trump if he removes the US from the Paris Agreement

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Such a decision could have more consequences than perhaps the US president himself has considered. And is that Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla (among many other things), has announced that if the United States leaves the agreement, he will have no other option and will have to leave his position as adviser and advisor to the government, a position that already It has brought him more than one headache in the past, if you remember correctly. This has been assured through his official Twitter account, where he has responded directly and without beating around the bush to the question of what he will do in the event that the US ceases to be part of the aforementioned agreement:

In case you do not know what it is about or the importance it may have, we point out that the Paris Agreement seeks to establish international cooperation measures to reduce gas emissions that cause the so-called greenhouse effect (GHG), through of various actions that help to adapt our current resources, minimize the existing impact and ultimately, reduce the damage they are causing. It was approved in 2015, signed in 2016 and 195 countries are part of it, at least so far, of course. Hopefully Trump reconsiders and the figure continues to hold in a few days.


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