Broccoli sprouts detoxify the body more efficiently

Broccoli sprouts detoxify the body more efficiently

By Becky Santoyo

Natural foods are the best medicine that we have within our reach. We know the properties of green leaves, cruciferous vegetables and, especially, the benefits of broccoli. But what is the best way to consume them?

According to The Wall Street Journal, researchers from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and the University of Minnesota Masonic Cancer Center conducted a study in Jiangsu province, east China, to learn about the effects of consumption of broccoli in health; what they found is fascinating.

Consuming broccoli makes people more resistant to environmental pollution in the area, especially those agents that cause lung cancer and heart disease.

The study was conducted with 291 adults, who drank broccoli sprout tea for 12 weeks. In this way it was possible to detect an improvement in the detoxification of some air pollutants, which reduces long-term health risks.

All the participants were inhabitants of the Yangtze River delta region - where Shanghai is located -; this area represents only 2% of the country and, surprisingly, produces 15% of greenhouse gases.

The researchers found that broccoli sprouts contain a higher amount of sulforaphane; To give us an ideal, 3 grams of broccoli sprouts has the sulforaphane equivalent of 150 grams of broccoli. On the other hand, the study did record some complaints about the tasteā€¦ But as the researchers say, the more bitter, the better.

So, let's bet on broccoli sprouts, infused or as is, to detoxify and enjoy good health.

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