The Buenos Aires Legislature approved the Ecopark law

The Buenos Aires Legislature approved the Ecopark law

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The Ecopark project became law, after the Buenos Aires Legislature approved the initiative, which received the support of the ruling party and the opposition. The law of progressive transformation of the former Zoological Garden of the City of Buenos Aires lays the foundations for the creation of an Ecopark focused on the conservation of biodiversity, the promotion of environmental education, the promotion of innovation for sustainable development and awareness and recreation of the population through interactive experience with the components of nature.

"It is the institutional framework necessary to ensure the welfare of the animals. We are very happy with the process: we believe that the fact that the vision and work of both the ruling party and the opposition have been integrated has enriched the process" said Andy Freire, Minister of Modernization, Innovation and Technology, the area in charge of carrying out the initiative.

Among the objectives pursued by the bill are: the implementation of the highest standards of animal welfare; the development of comprehensive projects for the conservation of wild species and natural habitats; rehabilitation work aimed at the reintegration of the animals housed in the premises or their transfer to suitable destinations; the generation of educational content through interactive experiences; dissemination on environmental issues; the encouragement of non-governmental organizations, research centers, universities and non-profit organizations; and preservation and restoration of assets with historical and cultural heritage protection.

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