Mobile applications that tell you everything about a plant with just one photo

Mobile applications that tell you everything about a plant with just one photo

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If you have ever passed near a flower or plant and have been captivated by its aroma and with the uncertainty of what its name was, worry no more. At FCINCO we leave you four free applications that will reveal your data instantly. Like the Shazam app to find out song titles or Vivino, to identify a wine by photographing its label, there are others that identify vegetations.

Pl @ ntNet

Pl @ ntNet is an application to identify all types of plants in a very simple and fast way, since it allows you to enter up to 4 photographs. You just have to upload an image, and select if it is a flower, a tree, a leaf, or a fruit. As it has a database with more than 4,000 species, it shows you which one matches the most, in addition to the name, its family and the geographical area to which it belongs.

If you are a discoverer, you can also register your plant for others to contribute. It is available for iOS and Android devices and in Spanish, English and French.


This has been created by the CSIC in collaboration with the Royal Botanical Garden, and includes 118 species of wild trees from the Iberian Peninsula and the Balearic Islands. Each species has a distribution map, a brief description and one or more photographs. And if something is not very clear to you, consult the glossary with more than 80 terms. In addition to identifying tree species, with this app you can learn both scientific information and curiosities and legends.

ArbolApp is available in English and Spanish and works autonomously without an Internet connection so that you can get lost in the woods and learn while playing Sherlock Holmes.


This app contains a map of the trees of Great Britain and calculates the environmental benefits (ecosystem services) that each one provides. With an image, you can measure the size of trees and identify them, and specify the contribution it makes to nature.

IKnow Trees 2 LITE

With this app you will have a great field guide on trees in Europe and North America in the palm of your hand. It has a complete library with 200 species of trees and some 2000 pictures, extensive descriptions and tree names in 7 languages. It also reveals scientific identification, and has a game to assess everything you have learned.


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