Discover how big companies deceive you

Discover how big companies deceive you

According to specialists, advertising is an integral part of the consumer economy, if consumer desire is not stimulated, sales and the creation of new needs would not be possible.

In the first place, it is necessary to understand how large corporations make us buy what they want to sell, reaching the point of wanting it, and even needing it, in addition to people believing that they are innovative products.

As cited by psychologists Leon G. Schiffman and Leslie Lazar Kanu in their book "Consumer Behavior." We can find examples of this:

Both products fulfill a function of washing clothes and have chemical active ingredients, the only difference is the commercial presentation.

Not everything that big corporations say is true

Chickens crammed, what the label says does not reflect reality. Words such as "Fresh product from the farm", "100% Natural" or "Selected product", often appear on the labels of meat and dairy foods, among others. However, the animals are in a state of confinement.

The generation of new products is NOT based on progress

Large-scale production only seeks to reduce manufacturing costs and optimize resources, regardless of what means must be used to achieve it.

To increase their profits, many companies break the law by exploiting children in poor countries. Currently, the world around us is constantly trying to change our behavior, and what we must look for is how to protect ourselves from this consumer economy and how to make the imperceptible perceptible. Therefore, as a conclusion and suggestion, we must make a change of consciousness where we come out of ignorance and understand that the one who pays the most terrible consequences is the planet and ourselves.

We must minimize the external influence exerted by advertising by taking the television out of our homes or giving it another use, for example keeping ourselves informed about issues that can help us to get out of ignorance, not distracting ourselves from important issues, maintaining conscious consumer values, choose austere leaders, who do not deceive or have selfish interests, know the origin of what we buy and consume only what is necessary. In this way we can greatly reduce the impact that we ourselves as consumers generate on the environment and on society. Recommended reading

By Vanessa Cifuentes
Nature People

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