More than 800 thousand animals are used each year in Spain for scientific research

More than 800 thousand animals are used each year in Spain for scientific research

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"We scientists have nothing to hide, we are not sadists who like to kill animals," denies Juan Lerma, a member of the Life Sciences Confederation of Scientific Societies of Spain. "The first ones who do not want to use animals are researchers. We still need them to investigate the origin of diseases and what treatments we can develop", adds Lluís Montoliu, scientist at the National Center for Biotechnology.

Most of them are rodents and fish that have been bred expressly for research. The aims are scientific and also educational, but animal organizations question these practices and ask for their eradication.

"You are not investing in alternative methods. For us, the debate is whether or not it is ethical to use animals in painful and terrible experiments that kill hundreds of thousands of animals or we can substitute them with alternative methods." Such methods can be bioinformatics tools, cell cultures, or in vitro procedures.

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