The Olympian who dances to save his country from climate change

The Olympian who dances to save his country from climate change

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The weightlifter from the Republic of Kiribari, David Katoatau, is undoubtedly one of the attractions of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games. With great charisma, after each of his sports performances, the athlete rehearsed some dance steps quite fun, which raises the applause and ovations of the public.

But Katoatau doesn't dance just to be histrionic. Your main objective is to visualize the name of your country and the struggle of its inhabitants to save themselves from the consequences of climate change.

The Republic of Kiribari is an archipelago, located in the west central Pacific Ocean, northeast of Australia. Global warming is causing the waters of the sea to rise and the consequent erosion of its coasts, so that in a few years it could literally disappear from the map.

"Most of the people do not know where Kiribati is. I want everyone to know more about us, so I use the weights and my dances to show us to the world. We do not have the resources to save ourselves," Kiribari said in an interview with Reuters.

The archipelago has 103,000 inhabitants who may have to be evacuated shortly. Katoatau will continue to dance in every competition to achieve his dream: May the world save Kiribati.

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