Consumers are also educated in this system

Consumers are also educated in this system

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By Rosalía Pellegrini

“Agroecological vegetables are not accepted in the market because there are cultural guidelines that tell us what to eat. Those guidelines come out of agribusiness and it imposes on us what varieties we should consume -which are those produced by Syngenta, Monsanto, DuPont, Bayer, Cargill-, how it has to be. Today the same thing is eaten all over the world and peasant production is lost ”, warned Pellegrini.

In relation to the cultural guidelines that are currently imposed at the time of consumption, the reference of the Union of Land Workers (UTT) specified that "the chard that we sell, for example, may have some spots and the tomatoes do not it looks like those who sell advertisements, but the market does not want that, which is natural, without contaminants ”.

"Consumers are also educated in this system that they want another type of vegetable," he said.


At the beginning of the month, Tamara Perelmuter, from the Multisectorial against the Monsanto Seed Law, told Ansol about the draft that aims to modify the legislation in force since 1973 (see here).

"The negotiation is being done in a secret way, the draft is not public and unlike in previous years no erasure was leaked. Based on discussions that took place from 2012 to now, we know where the modification comes from and we know what companies are asking for: the debate is mainly focused on own use, that is, the possibility of saving seeds without asking for permission or pay royalties, ”he explained.

Although there are no officially recognized deadlines, environmental organizations and producer organizations indicate that the bill has been practically agreed and that it would be approved, either in Congress or by decree, in August.

The Multisectorial against the Seed Law, an open work space that tries to avoid the advance of this law that disseminates the alternatives to agribusiness.


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