We are all ADHD

We are all ADHD

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Shire CEO Angus Russell told Bloomberg TV: "The fastest growing market today is for adults who have never been diagnosed." According to data from IMS Health, in 2012, 16 million prescriptions for ADHD were prescribed to people aged 20 to 39; in 5 years they went to 56 million, triple that. Two million patients. Shire sponsored a brochure to "Help Clinicians Recognize and Diagnose ADHD in Adults" signed by Adderall XR Introducer Dr. William Dodson "10% of the adult population has ADHD. have you realized this, you are probably treating a patient with ADHD, "Irresponsible statement whose sole aim is to invent sick people and sentence them to a drug that incapacitates them for life. Dodson said that "once a child has ADHD, they have it for life. It doesn't heal with age." Adults can find sites on the Web with short questionnaires that make normal people think they have this made-up disorder. These questionnaires do not warn that they are subsidized by pharmaceutical companies.

Could I have ADHD? It's the title of a Shire-sponsored quiz on the web Six questions ask how often people have trouble about "getting things sorted," "remembering appointments and meetings," or "starting projects." A user who answers these questions with "once in a while" or "sometimes" receives a "possible ADHD" result. Five responses with "sometimes" and one with "with some frequency" tells the user that "ADHD may be likely." In a national telephone survey by The New YorkTimes, 1,106 adults took the test. Half of them scored in a range that led to ADHD. The website, which conducts evaluations on pharmaceutical marketing, awarded the initiative to put a questionnaire with similar characteristics for the Concerta® drug, with its highest score: "great".

Pharmaceuticals use the children's market to grow the adult market. A pamphlet published by Janssen, maker of Concerta, “Like a Splinter?” States that “ADHD is a hereditary disorder.” There is a Shire manual for therapists that illustrates the genetic issue with a family tree: three grandparents with the disorder, all of her six children have it, along with seven of her eight grandchildren who also have it.Primary care physicians who need training on the alleged disorder are offered virtual continuing education courses funded by pharmaceutical companies.

Shire spent $ 1 million in the first three quarters of 2013 to fund training conferences for clinicians on ADHD. J. Russell Ramsay, a psychologist at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine who works for Shire, reads aloud on one of his slides "ADHD - it's everywhere you want it to be."

To defend ourselves against fake neuroscientists and the invasive pharmaceutical industry, forward it and send your adhesion to:

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