Self-consumption wins its first legal battle against the Government

Self-consumption wins its first legal battle against the Government

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Upon appeal, the TC suspends the regulations until it is pronounced. And this Wednesday he has done it in favor of the Government of Murcia, so that energy self-consumption has won its first legal battle against the Government of Rajoy.

The Constitutional Court has lifted the suspension requested by the State on article 20 bis of the Regional Law of Renewable Energies, which enables the Ministry of Economic Development, Tourism and Employment to define by regulation the technical and administrative conditions that the facilities must meet to be considered "isolated from the electrical system" or "energy exchange".

According to a statement from the regional government, the aforementioned article referred to the fact that in the Region of Murcia isolated installations are considered, and therefore exempt from paying tolls to the national electricity system, those electrical installations that, despite not being physically isolated, use means technicians that produce an equivalent effect.

Likewise, this article enables small installations that generate electricity from renewable sources, such as solar energy, intended for instant or deferred consumption in self-consumption modalities, to be considered as energy exchange facilities, so that the transfer of energy will not entail any economic consideration to the national system.

The Minister of Economic Development, Tourism and Employment, Juan Hernández, pointed out that this is "good news for the Region because it opens up new and good business prospects for the renewable energy sector in the Region."

In fact, adds the Murcian Government, “the State's own legal profession recognizes that the lifting of the suspension could mean the displacement to the Region of an annual investment worth 82 million euros, as an effect derived from the disparate regulatory situation created regarding to the rest of the national territory ”.

Juan Hernández stressed that the regional government "will continue to defend and support a sector that has great potential for development in the Region of Murcia", after which he added that the Government's objective is that "one of our main natural resources, the sun , can be used by individuals and companies to reduce energy bills and be more competitive ”.

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