Do you know how many pesticides negatively affect bees in Europe?

Do you know how many pesticides negatively affect bees in Europe?

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A total of 57 types of pesticides have been found in European bees, according to the scientific journal 'Journal of Chromatografphy', which points out that the high mortality of bees is due "to a great extent" to the practices of industrial agriculture and , in particular to the massive and routine use of pesticides.

The research also highlights that "the health of bees is a matter of public interest due to its importance for the environment" and for food. Following this finding, the NGO Greenpeace, within the framework of its campaign to save bees, demands the banning of the pesticides most toxic to bees.

In this way, he urges the next Minister of Agriculture to find it "impossible to look the other way" and hear the "buzz" of those who want to protect bees.

Specifically, it recalls that in Spain more than 300 dangerous products for bees are authorized, which translates into "millions" of dead bees, in line with what the NGO denounced in February that it was happening in areas of fruit crops in Valencia and Murcia.

In this way, he claims to the next Government that one of the main environmental issues that he must address is the protection of bees.

Currently, a total of 268,000 people have signed the NGO petition, which calls for "increasing the pressure" and obtaining a greater number of signatures to demand the end of the most toxic pesticides.

Greenpeace highlights that through citizen pressure, the Valencian Community has announced a plan to control the use of pesticides and reach 20 percent organic farming in 2020, while now it is around 8 percent. At the national level, specific aids have been opened for beekeeping research, where one of the priority lines is precisely to investigate their high mortality. Recently, the Agri-Food Technologies Research Institute (IRTA) announced that it will launch a project to study the impact of pesticides on them.


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