10 proudly bisexual animals

10 proudly bisexual animals

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Bisexuality in some species is due to reproductive needs, but in many other cases, such as apes, it is for the sheer pleasure that the different sexual options provide to those involved.


Bonobos are fond of sex and do not have any kind of preference for this. It is practiced for pleasure, to resolve conflicts, because they are hungry, because they are irritated or to procreate. Actually sex is the solution to any of the bonobos' problems and the culmination of all their pleasures.

Bottlenose dolphins

Throughout their lives, bottlenose dolphins are mostly bisexual with periods of exclusive homo and heterosexuality. During their early age (up to ten years), sexual play is practiced with both males and females. From their maturity they mate heterosexually in order to mate, but they maintain ties with their homosexual partners. They are very creative sexually especially with their same-sex partners. Females do something called a "genital propelling beak", where one female inserts her snout (also called a beak) into the other's genital cleft, while she gently swims. Male dolphins often swim belly to belly and engage in mutual anal penetration.


Before sexual maturity, many orcas practice homosexual sex, since they are dedicated to touching and caressing the genital area of ​​another companion with their snout. Killer whales are very careful that sexual pleasure is mutual in each partner and they exchange licks as part of the "preliminaries" of their relationships.

The Humboldt Penguins

While most penguins form heterosexual couples, there are some male penguins who strongly prefer homosexuality. Roy and Silo, two males from the Central Park Zoo never accepted a female mate. The pair used to try to hatch a rock until the zoo staff gave them a fertilized egg of their own species; They both cared for him with such care that Tango was born from him, which is nevertheless openly heterosexual.

Black swans

25 percent of male black swans mate with other males. They steal the nests and form trios with a female with whom they both copulate, but who after spawning they unceremoniously expel, in order to take care of the babies by themselves. A very curious fact: when they are raised by two males, the swan chicks have a better chance of surviving than those who are cared for by heterosexual couples.


Flamingos like to mate heterosexual, but they can also have same-sex relationships and are both excellent parents. At the Edinburgh Zoo, they verified this when a little girl who had been abandoned by her parents was adopted by a gay couple, who raised her with all the necessary care until she became an adult.

Japanese macaques

Japanese macaques, or snow monkeys, are completely open-minded when it comes to choosing a mate. Scientists consider them bisexual by orientation, as they often opt for same-sex partners, even when choosing a different sex is a viable alternative. They have fleeting intercourse to procreate, but they raise their babies in homosexual partners.


Young male giraffes often rub their necks in order to demonstrate dominance over one another. After the submission of the weakest, it is normal for him to be caressed and even mounted with anal penetration.


Seagulls were the first birds in which scientists observed bisexual behaviors. Up to 14% of female gulls ever have lesbian relationships. This could be more of a need than an attraction, as there is a notable shortage of males of the species.

This behavior was also observed in the Oahu albatrosses where a group of researchers found that there were only 31% males, so many females, after copulation, formed pairs in them and raised the chicks together.

African lions

Lions have one of the strongest sexual urges in the animal kingdom. Scientists believe that the fact that one male "mounts" another (which happens very often) strengthens the relationships and bonds of dependency and submission in the group. Lesbian relationships have only been seen among females when they are in captivity and there are no males with whom to copulate.


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