Argentina will enlarge its maritime platform by 35% due to a UN ruling

Argentina will enlarge its maritime platform by 35% due to a UN ruling

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The Commission on the Limits of the Continental Shelf (a group of international experts that operates in the United Nations) adopted by consensus the recommendations on an Argentine presentation made in 2009 on the outer limit of its continental shelf.

The UN resolution assumes in fact that Argentina will enlarge its maritime platform by 35%, that is, 1.7 million square kilometers to the limit of the section that includes the Malvinas, South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands, which represents an advance in the dispute against the United Kingdom.

The United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, to which the country acceded in 1994, determines the right of each coastal state in the world to set its outer limit, in accordance with technical and procedural standards, and in this context Argentina made his presentation in May 2009.

"This is a historic occasion for Argentina. We have taken a great step in the demarcation of the outer limit of our continental shelf: the most extensive limit of Argentina and our border with humanity," said Foreign Minister Susana Malcorra.

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