The Madrid City Council will gradually stop using glyphosate

The Madrid City Council will gradually stop using glyphosate

In a note made public by the Madrid City Council, the Environment and Mobility Area confirms that it will gradually replace the herbicide glyphosate for the control of herbs in parks and public gardens with other less harmful procedures.

The Agency for Research on Cancer of the World Health Organization included glyphosate in its black list of substances in March 2015, declaring it probable carcinogenic to humans. In addition, the use of glyphosate and the rest of synthetic herbicides is regulated by Royal Decree 1311/2012, of September 14, which establishes the framework for action to achieve a sustainable use of phytosanitary products. It contemplates the application of the precautionary principle limiting or prohibiting its use in specific areas or circumstances, which include spaces used by the public such as parks, public gardens, school grounds or toilets.

The Madrid City Council has decided to apply the principle of prevention, and gradually stop using this herbicide. Thus, it joins a list of glyphosate-free municipalities, among which are large cities such as Barcelona or Zaragoza.

Ecologistas en Acción congratulates the Madrid City Council for this decision and hopes that it will be effective as quickly as possible, as well as that it will be supported by the different municipal groups (Socialista, Popular and Ciudadanos).

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