How to sew cloth diapers (Ecological diapers)

How to sew cloth diapers (Ecological diapers)

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How do eco-friendly cloth diapers work?

Ecological cloth diapers are washable diapers (perfectly machine-washed, replacing the "traditional" plastic diapers that are bought in stores and supermarkets.

Eco-friendly diapers are much more modern than the diapers of yesteryear. Now, thanks to biodegradable, waterproof, hypoallergenic fabrics, we can keep babies clean, taking care of their skin, reducing costs on diapers and something very important: taking care of the environment since disposable diapers are very polluting.

Eco-friendly diapers vs Plastic diapers

Eco-friendly diapers have three main advantages:

  • they are cheaper
  • they pollute less
  • better protect baby's skin

Here is this simple tutorial on how to make cloth or eco-friendly diapers at home.



Video: DIY - Cloth diaper with FREE pattern (July 2022).


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