Self-consumption can be profitable

Self-consumption can be profitable

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The results are published in the February issue of the OCU-Compra Maestra magazine. This study of kits with battery complements a similar study published in October, in this case carried out on photovoltaic kits without battery. The conclusions for both systems are the same, self-consumption begins to be profitable.

And this is due, among other factors, to the constant rise in the price of electricity. OCU affirms that the electricity bill has risen 56% on average in the last eight years, it is also a situation that has no signs of changing. In this scenario, with such a high price of electricity, there is nevertheless positive news for those consumers who can and wish to opt for self-consumption solutions: photovoltaic kits are now more profitable than ever. These kits allow you to save by generating your own energy or even, with the necessary equipment - accumulation batteries - can be disconnected from the electrical network.

This energy alternative is viable especially for independent homes, semi-detached or any other type of home that has the necessary space to install these kits. OCU estimates that to cover the annual consumption of an average Spanish family (3,500kWh), 8 photovoltaic panels would be needed, they have a total size of 13 and this installation would have a total cost of about € 7,000, including installation and € 800 for legalization .

The payback time for this Kit would be just over 10 years, if the legalization costs were eliminated or were lower it would be even more interesting. The impact on the amortization of the legalization costs has a special impact on smaller kits that cover only part of the necessary daily energy, and where the term to achieve amortization can be increased from 13 to even 30 years, since the Installation cost is usually higher than the cost of the equipment itself, which does not seem to make much sense.

OCU recommends that if you want to choose to "unplug" from the network, have a support system such as a diesel generator set or a small windmill for those days with less sun or when there are greater energy needs such as in winter.

In these circumstances OCU has launched its 1st Collective Purchase of Photovoltaic Kits, within the framework of the CLEAR program with the aim of facilitating and encouraging access to more efficient technologies, lowering its cost for participants. All interested parties can register at


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