This shower recycles the water you use and purifies it to continue with your bath

This shower recycles the water you use and purifies it to continue with your bath

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We present the e-Shower, a very particular shower, since it saves up to 90% of the water consumption without having to take shorter baths, thanks to a system that allows you to recycle the water by cleaning it to use it again.

Spending a good time in a hot shower is a pleasure but also a waste of water and energy, as well as earning the hatred of the people with whom you share the bathroom. There is no solution for the last problem but there is for the first two.

Get to know the e-Shower, a very interesting invention from the Hamwells company aimed at reducing the amount of water and energy that is used when showering without having to shorten the time you spend in the shower using a very particular system.

The water you use is recycled 7 times before going permanently down the drain, so you continuously use the same water, although purified thanks to a solid filter for impurities and one with UV light that kills bacteria.

The e-Shower not only saves water but also energy, since the water that is recycled is mixed with 1.5 liters of hot water, which helps to maintain the temperature without having to spend extra gas or electricity.

As if that were not enough, this modern shower also incorporates a bluetooth speaker so that you can listen to your favorite music while you sing without disturbing the ears of others.

How the e-Shower works

A very particular and ingenious invention that promises to save 90% water and 80% gas or electricity when bathing, and its creators claim that it is the first smart shower on the market and that has its price.

The operation of the e-Shower is quite interesting: As the water begins to fall from the shower, it is trapped by tubes that quickly lead it to pass through two filters: the first removes dirt and impurities while the second kills bacteria and other microorganisms thanks to the use of UV rays.

So that the water never gets cold each time a cleaning cycle is carried out, it is mixed with 1.5 liters of hot water, a very fast process that allows the same water to be reused up to 7 times.

As if saving water were not enough, this shower, which only requires vinegar to clean itself, has a speaker to listen to your favorite music, controls to raise and lower the volume and adjust the water temperature, and you can also program it and take it a record of how much you save through a smart mobile application.

The cost of the e-Shower once it goes on the market will be $ 3,190, not cheap, but that is offset by what you save on water and energy in the first years. Although it is not yet on sale, its creators accept reservations on their official site.


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