Sweden wants to be the first country to renounce fossil fuels

Sweden wants to be the first country to renounce fossil fuels

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"Our ambition is to become the first country in the world, free of energy sources of fossil origin," the politician told journalists during the Climate Change conference in Paris.

The politician added that expanding alternative sources of energy would favor economic growth and create jobs.

In addition, he highlighted that Sweden is the largest donor to the Green Climate Fund, created as a result of the climate summit in Copenhagen in 2009.

The Swedish prime minister considers the conference that opens in Paris important, since it will be necessary to discuss "one of the most important issues for the current generation, which will subsequently be able to ensure life on the planet."

The politician affirmed that he does not have much hope of "approving a treaty that will be in force for a long period," but since more than 100 countries expressed their willingness to participate in this work, he is optimistic.

On November 30, the UN International Conference on Climate Change was inaugurated in Paris, with the participation of Heads of State and Government of 138 countries.

The event seeks to reach an agreement that will succeed the Kyoto protocol of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

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