Wall-Ekitt, the robot created by a humble Bolivian genius with waste

Wall-Ekitt, the robot created by a humble Bolivian genius with waste

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The robot that has brought him to fame is Wall-Ekitt, his name comes from his great resemblance to the robot from the movie Wall-E. It is a small tin robot, which is capable of moving controlled from a smartphone. Esteban also created the application that controls it. It also has the ability to detect and avoid obstacles.

Esteban says in the video: "To create, you need fantasy" "I will behave like a child, because children are dreamers" He wants to build robots to protect the environment, design a farming model, to help his family in the countryside because he is aware that many people are going to live in the cities and he wonders who will feed us if no one cultivates the land anymore.

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Video: Young Bolivian Inventor Changing The World Through E-Waste (July 2022).


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