'The growing land': an island inexplicably becomes 12 times bigger

'The growing land': an island inexplicably becomes 12 times bigger

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The aforementioned volcanic eruption that occurred in 2013 generated this new land formation near Nishinoshima Island, also known as Rosario Island. Since then, the territory has gradually increased in size until merging with Nishioshima, according to the British newspaper 'The Daily Mail'.

According to the Japanese coast guard, at the moment the new joint island measures 1,900 meters from east to west and 1,950 meters from north to south; in addition, it is around 100 meters high. A recent aerial study revealed that its volcanic activity has intensified and that it is not yet possible to determine how long the lava and smoke flows from one of its craters will last.

This phenomenon has shocked scientists, since the formations that appear after underwater eruptions tend to disappear over time, when they are washed away by the sea. However, the intense growth of the small islet, its merger with Nishinoshima Island and the appearance of volcanic activity could help to study the biological phenomena that occur under adverse conditions.

Despite the fact that the island is made up almost entirely of volcanic rocks as a result of the cooling of lava, scientists estimate that it will gradually begin to populate; at first, with plants and later, perhaps, with animals, serving as a ‘natural laboratory’. "Biologists are very focused on the new island because it will allow us to observe the starting point of evolutionary processes," said Naoki Kachi, professor and head of the research committee at Tokyo Metropolitan University.

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