They propose a mass slaughter of koalas in Australia to save them from chlamydia

They propose a mass slaughter of koalas in Australia to save them from chlamydia

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An investigation conducted hundreds of simulation studies on the koala population of Moreton Bay, in northeastern Australia, in various settings, ranging from the treatment of chlamydia-infected koalas to the systematic killing of evicted individuals.

"The simulations suggest that there is a strong possibility of eliminating chlamydia in the population within four years," according to this study released Monday by The Australian newspaper and originally published in the Journal of Wildlife Diseases.

Although the slaughter of the koalas would trigger a rapid decline in the population, it would recover in a period of four years until exceeding the number of copies in the following decade, according to the scenario studied with best results.

The number of koalas in the wild varies, according to various estimates, from several hundred thousand to about 40,000, although their numbers continue to decrease mainly due to climate change, the continued and the chlamydia disease.

This bacterium causes lesions on the genitals and eyes of koalas, Australia's iconic marsupials, causing infertility and blindness and slowly consuming them to death. EFE

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