How will climate change affect my life?

How will climate change affect my life?

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The reality of climate change is beginning to make itself felt and many begin to ask the question: How will it affect my life? The answer depends on the profession, age and place where you live, among other factors. Here are some examples of situations imagined in a future altered by climate change, when the rise in temperatures approaches the limit of 2ºC in relation to the pre-industrial era that according to the experts we must not exceed. Starting this Monday, a new round of negotiations will take place in Bonn (Germany) 100 days before the great conference scheduled in Paris in December, which will seek to reach a global agreement.

The coffee grower in Nicaragua We are in 2030.

You are the owner of a Nicaraguan coffee plantation and sell your harvest each year to a bio wholesaler. World demand has increased, prices have tripled, but their business is not doing well.

The high temperatures decimated his production, despite the fact that he has sold his land to acquire a plot at a higher altitude, in search of a cooler climate.

Yields have dropped and so has the quality of their beans. High-flying attorney You are a 39-year-old successful Florida attorney specializing in real estate.

Successful despite the fact that his luxurious home was razed three years ago by Hurricane Hillary.

The sea level has only risen 14cm in the last 15 years, but Hillary caused 500,000 million dollars of damage. Since US federal flood insurance was abolished for assets less than a meter above sea level, its clients have multiplied. They initiate lawsuits against private insurers that claim to be bankrupt so they do not have to pay the victims.

Your clients will only charge 20 cents for every dollar insured, but you continue to charge fees. Fisherman in Indonesia A time ago he was a fisherman in the Indonesian port of Surabaya but has lost his job. The local industry collapsed in the mid-2020s.

Heavy fishing decimated the populations of several species, including obese tuna and yellowfin tuna. Due to the warming of the oceans, other varieties have flocked to cooler areas, but are out of reach of local fishing boats. No species has come to replace the ones you fished for. Hotelier in the Alps You own a hotel in a ski resort in the French Alps, at an altitude of 1,280 meters.

Starting in 2020, every two to three years you had to make snow to keep up the season. In 2020 and 2028 it was so hot that the measure was not enough. As a consolation, summer tourism has developed, thanks to people fleeing the heat waves that regularly affect the Mediterranean area.

The Sahelian Farmer Ten years ago, you replaced your traditional crop with genetically modified, drought-resistant sorghum to tackle desertification that has gained ground in the northeast of the Mopti region of Mali. But the local climate is getting drier, and you wonder how long you will be able to resist and continue to support your family.

It is decided: when his goats die, he will join the other peasants who have already fled to Bamako, the capital. The Tasmanian winegrower A part of the Australian island of Tasmania now rivals Spanish growers in La Rioja for the production of similar varieties.

Tasmanian sparkling wine has won several awards. Wine exports from the Tamar Valley are in full swing, with temperatures that have become ideal for viticulture.

In La Rioja it is too hot.

The future You are a 7-year-old only child living with your parents, both professionals who live in a 22-story building in Shanghai. It was not even born when 195 countries reached an agreement in Paris in December 2015, promising to reduce carbon dioxide pollution to keep global climate change under control.

All plans failed and the Earth is on the way to a 4 degree temperature rise by 2100. You will be 77 years old. Good luck.

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