Glass roof tiles replace solar panels

Glass roof tiles replace solar panels

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SolTech Energy, a Sweden-based company dedicated to clean energy, has developed SolTech Sigma, a system that uses glass tiles to replace traditional panels for solar energy.

The population is increasingly aware of the importance of using renewable energy, both for economic and ecological reasons. However, solar panels require the installation of a structure on the roofs, and are sometimes unsightly.

The SolTech Energy glass shingle system solves these problems, as it has a more aesthetic finish than traditional panels. The glass tiles provide a very beautiful result with a finish that imitates ice and gives an elegant and modern design touch to the roof of the house.

The new proposal can be integrated both in new construction projects and in rehabilitation. It consists of replacing the traditional ceramic or slate tiles with transparent glass tiles. The energy that passes through these pieces is absorbed by modules specially designed to capture the sun's rays and which are located under the tiles and protected by them. The energy thus absorbed is transformed into heat (Soltech Sigma system) or electricity (Soltech Power system).

It is an attractive, sustainable and simple model that allows savings in electricity bills and a reduction in the ecological footprint. It is attractive because ceramic tiles are replaced by suggestive and alternative looking glass tiles. It is sustainable because it uses renewable and clean energy. It is simple because it can be connected to an existing system and the surplus could be sold to the network.

The system is designed to generate heating and hot water. The energy produced is connected to the accumulator and from this it is distributed throughout the building with a system of water radiators. The accumulator can be adapted according to the shape of the roof and the energy needs of the property. By using an inverter, the electricity generated is converted into electricity that can be transmitted to the mains. The solar cells are placed under the tiles, protected against climatic effects (wind, rain, etc.), constituting an intelligent installation fully integrated into the building. The solar cells used, produced and designed by Soltech, are more efficient than traditional silicon cells, both in absorbing direct and diffused sunlight.

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